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Nearobject doesn't all Tree



Today i try to make tool for tree cutting.

The axe chop action work with lineIntersects to return tree object when it is the target and work well

Try to make same with nearObjects with 5 radius

Seem to work with some tree but other doesn't be catch by Nearobject

Hit by Axe and diag_log objectfound


Same place (~1m near tree) use 

_objects = nearestObjects [getPos player, [], 7]; diag_log format["%1", _objects];


"[R Alpha 1-3:1 (Nark0t1k),1815673: <no shape>,1815716: <no shape>,78e67900# 1815419: dummyweapon.p3d REMOTE,1815656: fly.p3d,1815641: honeybee.p3d,1815882: honeybee.p3d,1815889: fly.p3d,1815576: honeybee.p3d,1815675: mosquito.p3d,1815509: honeybee.p3d,1815907: fly.p3d,1815725: fly.p3d,1815852: mosquito.p3d,1815885: fly.p3d,1815674: honeybee.p3d,1815903: fly.p3d,1815864: fly.p3d]"


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