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1 hour ago, Gattaca said:

You are kidding right? 13 days is extreme for a hosting company.  Anyone can be friendly or patient but when it comes to a technical service turn-arounds need to be within a reasonable amount of time.  

I sat behind my mate and had to help him sort out issues due to non-answered tickets spanning over 24 hours.  i think he has one that will be rolling on 48 hours.  I just advised him to close the ticket, take a loss and move on.

 If you pay for a service and the service is not able to be used for 1-3 days or 13... not exactly a hosting company I would recommend.  A one-click shop needs to handhold their clients esp in this business.  Not everyone is a Maca or a BetterDeadThanZed kinda guy, people are here to learn and grow.  You can't grow when you have shitty-than-thou service like I've been seeing from QGS.  

This is utter shite (the follow graphic): I'll have to screen-shot my mates ticket queue. 



No my service/server was provided immidietly sorry if you misunderstood. I'm talking about a specific script that needs to be added. It's been worked on but uploaded and wasn't working properly. It's been 13 days since I ordered with premium which has them install scripts for you.

I don't have the capability to run a dedi and I truly like QGS as I said and will continue to use their service. Like I said tho scripts shouldn't take as long as this one has.

Also Flas with all due respect their being paid for said services. If I pay you or anyone as a customer you actually should expect it to be done and within a reasonable time.

QGS imho IS the best game server provider they like any company tho can and should always be trying to improve.

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Well QGS is no more. They've been bought by eoreality.net

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