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Is There Any Way A Flagpole Can Be Romeved Legitimately In The Game Other Than With Admin Tools?


TLDR: Flagpole gone before base, base raiders put down own flagpole to dismantle said base. Swear blind they did not remove the flagpole and that base had begun decomposing because the original Flag was gone. Is it possible a Flagpole can self delete before a base instead of being removed by Admin?

Hi guys, I have a bit of a mystery... I have one pair of players who raided a base, they said it had started to decompose as walls had disappeared and went in to raid it. They didn't just take the loot though, they put up a flag of their own and took the base apart. This would mean that the base Flagpole had disappeared off the server before the rest of the base had fully disappeared. Now this was a big base, lvl2 maxed out to it's margins and about 6 to 7 storeys high, I had seen the evening before so I know it had been intact up 'til then. Before this happened

When some of the base owners came back on, one was stranded two floors up so he asked for Admin help. They're very sure the maintenance was not due for 6 more days and I'm inclined to believe them as they're an adult group who know what they're about and there is the thing about the Flag being missing before the rest of the base had gone.

Before all this, I had noticed in the logs and Anti-Hack report concerning one of the raider's Respect jumping 10k. This may have been to allow him to extend his Flagpole's radius in order to remove more of the base. I have a screencap of the Log if anyone wants to see that.

Under what circumstances does a Flagpole disappear from in-game? Is there any legitimate way the Flag could be gone before the rest of the base?

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