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Hi Exile Community, 

After spending hours searching how to add custom loot spawn positions, i finally found some old post that could help me and decided to re-upload this information so it would be easier to find for others. 

STEP 1: You may need to rename the file according to your desired map like so loot.mapname

STEP 2: Place the file in "C:\Users\YOURNAME\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\[PROFILE NAME]\missions\ 

STEP 3: Start up Arma 3 with the map you want to get loot positions for, go into the editor and load up the appropriate mission.

STEP 4: Go around to whatever buildings you want to have loot and go inside them.

STEP 5: Press '2' to place a marker and set loot position, it will automatically save this data to clipboard.

STEP 6: Alt-Tab to minimize Arma 3 and paste the data into your text editor of choice.

STEP 7: Press '1' to delete the marker (nearest marker up to 20m distance).

STEP 8: ALT + LEFT CLICK on map to teleport


NOTE: Click "download as .zip in the top right corner of the webpage.


This is not made by me! All credits go to Eichi, maca134 for their loot position script and Johnson11B2P for his teleport function.

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