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We really need support for  BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler 

CBA uses this method and its a major reason ACE doesnt work well with Exile.

I saw another thread that stated you guys were working on using this function, what is the status of that?

Here is so more information:


I found the issue, and it is not a bug in CBA.

The Exile mod (I checked v0.9.35) is using the onPlayerConnected and onPlayerDisconnectedcommands directly instead of the new stacked event system.

The reason it appears that CBA "breaks" Exile is that CBA uses the stacked event system and the BIS stacked event system makes use of the onPlayerConnected and onPlayerDisconnected commands to handle the stacking system.

When Exile starts, it actually disables the BIS stacked event system, which, as mentioned, CBA needs. CBA calls the BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler (for the onPlayerConencted event) after Exile has initialized, which restores the BIS system and, at the same time, disables the Exile onPlayerConnected event handler. The account creation step happens in the Exile onPlayerConnected handler which is disabled when BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler "restores the order", so to speak. That's why the account isn't created.

The solution to the problem is for Exile to change the ExileServer_system_process_preInit.sqf file to use the BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler command to hook into the onPlayerConnected andonPlayerDisconnected events instead of calling onPlayerConnected and onPlayerDisconnected directly. That way, the Exile mod will work not only with CBA but with all other mods and missions that make use of the new system:

Instead of

onPlayerConnected {[_uid, _name] call ExileServer_system_network_event_onPlayerConnected};
onPlayerDisconnected {[_uid, _name] call ExileServer_system_network_event_onPlayerDisconnected};

they could use

["ExileOPC", "onPlayerConnected", {[_uid, _name] call ExileServer_system_network_event_onPlayerConnected}] call BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler;
["ExileOPD", "onPlayerDisconnected", {[_uid, _name] call ExileServer_system_network_event_onPlayerDisconnected}] ca
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