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Clan XM8


@ Dev's. at what point do you think adding in clans to the XM8 might be added to the mod? (based on timelines)

1. Added full admin functions, adding, removing, ranks etc...

2. Basically removing the group option, if disconnects to invites to group where as clan your added to a file, with unique Steam ID, Name etc...

so when you log off you log back on and your right back into the clan.

3. Special markers for clan members different from aka Group status. So that if i run a special group, it doesn't interfere with the clan (markers displace the event on the map)

Unless your leaving this option open for scripts to be started then base it off of this concept?

-given that we may have options to change or modify existing areas of the script for custom self touches.

Some of the above options are only taken from years of working with clan admin tools, and or testing in general. Not features we necessary want, or expect (just timelines).

as always



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