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loot Loot Spawn Mechanism/Rate/Check-List/Formula


While i do not have the 'fastest' computer around, i have noticed something that is an issue with a very simple fix.

I noticed, in particular flying, when i come to an area with a lot of buildings, my computer will basically freeze.  the hdd light is almost solid.  after about 3 - 15 seconds, if not kicked due to high ping, the game becomes responsive.  it also causes a great deal of lag too, via 'disk loading lag'.

this always happens; 3 players or 30; if i am in a heli or a car, though a car is not as bad as a heli is.


as an admin, who services both epoch and exile, when i join the epoch server with 80+ players and this issue does not occur.

when playing SP with 70+ mods, it also does not happen.  ONLY with exile.


thus, this is an exile issue.  and it is, 'plain jane' exile/epoch too.  same 'config', just swap the epoch mod for the exile mod.


and so it cannot be said, my swap file is on a 2nd hdd (non-boot drive), on a 2nd controller, with arma/exile on the 1st hdd (non-boot drive) on 1st controller.  the swap file hdd and the arma/exile hdd are both defragmented - traditional hdd's.


what i suspect is going on is a simple thing.  i am suspecting exile is checking for loot once i 'activate the trigger'.  be in i am on foot, in  a car, or in a heli.

i would recommend putting a 'speed vector check', an 'AGL check', and a 'vehicle check' BEFORE running the loot script.


if i am flying overhead, why do i need to load loot for the entire town?  i do not.  if i am hovering?  nope.  driving thru town?  nope.  being on foot?  YES!



i would suggest  (in a simple programming format):



this would denote that the player is on the ground and walking/running, such as ensuring that they are not in a parachute over a town.


of course, i am not 100% sure on the speed, what ever the player max running speed is plus a few over for 'safety' should suffice and the same with the AGL.


as stated, this is an OBSERVATION.  it appears to be the only thing that 'fits' the clues, as it only happens over built-up areas, day or night.  granted, it maybe something else, but as a programmer, these 'clues' fit the aforementioned model. but i could be wrong too...  ;)



thanks for all of your efforts and work on the project!

i also wished to thank you all for keeping stuff 'updated' just as bohemia did with arma 3.  some people like dice (bf4) and the epoch mod people leave people wondering what is going on with things.  at least you are keeping people informed, which is a great deal in my book!  :)


thanks again and yall are doing a great job!








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Im not sure if this is the case but i know few players with older computers that have similar issue when they reach some city on foot / in car with a lot of buildings their game just freeze..  And they have to terminate the game instance.

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