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I have RHS:AFRF and RHS:USAF installed and working.  The vehicles are available at the trader and can be bought/sold.

What I want to do is add them to Vehicle Customs.  I would like the Customs vendor to be like a mod shop.  I will use the HMMWV as an example.


RHS has many versions of the HMMWV but for this example I will work with 4 versions:

rhsusf_m998_w_2dr, rhsusf_m998_w_2dr_halftop, rhsusf_m998_w_4dr, rhsusf_m1025_w_m2.

I want to be able to sell a "base" model at the trader.   ->  rhsusf_m998_w_2dr   (working)

Next I want the customs guy to recognize the rhsusf_m998_w_2dr   and give the optioon for the "upgraded" versions.

in class CfgVehicleCustoms:

    // M998 
    class rhsusf_m998_w_Abstract
        skins[] = 
            {"rhsusf_m998_w_2dr",            100},
            {"rhsusf_m998_w_2dr_halftop",    500},
            {"rhsusf_m998_w_4dr",            1000},
            {"rhsusf_m1025_w_m2",            2500}

This is not recognizing the original rhsusf_m998_w_2dr, so it gives me the "none of your vehicles are recognized" error.

From what I can tell this is the only array needed to find said vehicle and change to new.



Is this even possible or am I chasing my tail here?

Thanks in advance.

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Anyone still looking for information with this, I made a new Topic: Here

Hope this helps people, cause it would have saved me hours of searching through topics :monkey:

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