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Vehicle Customs Change.

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Hello!  Great mod!  Anyways I would like to see vehicle Customs reworked a little bit.  I was trying to make the vehicle customs vendor a little more in depth, but the current system limits the customs to only skins. Instead of just being just a paint job guy, I would love to see it where you could actually "upgrade" your vehicles.  

Say I have been playing for a bit, making my money, and I buy myself an off-road.  A few days pass, and I see that nice new model, the off-road repair.  Instead of having to sell my car, and then buy the new one just to add a roll bar, I feel it would add much more depth to the game to be able to "upgrade" the vehicle at the customs trader.

Same could go for the armed off-road.  A few weeks pass, and I have been saving my pop tabs. Now I could afford to bolt an m2 into the bed of my truck.  Let me roll into Altas customs and they can hook me up.

This same system can also be used on the Van family of trucks.  

With these 2 families alone you can remove 4 vehicles from the trader. 

The real beauty of this system would be with addons such as RHS.  I do realize you do not code for addons, but I believe that enough vehicles in the game could benefit from this system that it would be worth implementing that change.


I feel the code would be not to hard (I only dab in Arma coding, nothing that talks to the database yet though, or I might try to do this myself.)

1. Check for vehicle in arrays of vehicle "families"

2. Give options with HUD

3. let user select vehicle change

4. check vehicle is empty

5. copy inventory, lock code, location and direction

6. delete old vehicle

7. spawn new vehicle

8. add inventory, lock code, location and direction

Also you could add the feature to sell down as well.  IE sell the gun off an armed off-road to make it only a regular off-road, and bank a little cash.


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would be so amazing to have, honestly it would be nice just to be able to swap tire types so that you don't get the "mud" penalty off road, you might instead have worse handling when not off road, or be able to swap for tarmac only tires even as well, or get a set that's good for all three but excels on none.

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