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I noticed that in Exile, the feature for Advanced Flight Mechanics is nullified. Even if I have it turned on in my settings, while playing Exile, my flight mechanics are reverted to vanilla. 

I'm sure this can be fixed by altering the code server side, which I'm going to look into doing, however it would be nice if this wasn't removed from Exile so that players themselves can decide if they wish to fly with the advanced mechanics, not the mod deciding for them. 

If anyone knows exactly which file needs to be altered to bring back the advanced flight mechanics, I'm definitely interested in knowing. 

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i think it's in your Description.ext
First line:


forceRotorLibSimulation = 2; //  Default value: 0 - options based; 1 - force enable; 2 - force disable 

In Exile's Description.ext it's defualted on 2 ( force disable) if you change this value to 0, you should get the results you want :) 

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