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What exactly is required to setup a HC? I have a server from Vert that I would like to increase the AI on and FuMS sounds so good lol. Do I need a dedicated server or could I rent another server from Vert and use it as HC?  Thanks!

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If you have full control of the server and able to create the batchfile to startup a armaserver in clientmode, then yes.

Only things needed is starting such a client and point it to the server in the batchfile.. Rest is all server side.


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Little bits of info that I gathered installing FuMS.

Add the client in your server.cfg. If you don't put this in, HC will be forced disconnectwhen trying to connect :

headlessClients[]={""}; // IP of the HC connecting to server

Start the HC with this line :  
start /w arma3server.exe -client -nosound -connect= -port=2320 -mod=@Exile;@Mas;@RyanZombies -profiles=HCLogs

The 2 red ones are for the zombie addon, and to prevent the client spamming errors about missing MAS weapons.

Make sure to add the HC Logic in your mpmissions/mission.pbo

Make sure you add the HC folder into the mpmissions/mission.pbo and put []execVM "HC\init.sqf"; in your init.sqf. If that file doesn't exist, create it. 

It doesn't matter if server or client boots first; after the HC connects, FuMS missions will spawn. Keep an eye on the HCLogs on the client to see if you actually exchange heartbeats with the server (this took me the longest to get right).

When HC crashes, missions will despawn. When HC reconnects, missions respawn. Make sure to have a routine to look for crashed client and auto-restart it.

(I do this on my DS by looking for werfault.exe as process, and kill it. It's the popup "your program has crashed" preventing it restarting).

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