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N. Hagen

exile chernarus


Hey guys,


recently i got a Exile server, got Chernarus on it, and everything is working fine, well almost everything..

i got 3 things that are not going right;

1. My server is not showing up on the A3Launcher (maybe because of infiSTAR? or the Mods? i only got mods on my server that are on the A3Launcher..

2. People are getting kicked for not having the right mods (in my case @Mas18, @masvehicles, @allinarmaterrainpack)
Is there a way for me to not even let them get in the server without the mods? or that it says that they not have to mods to them? I am not a good scripter or anything like that so please give a good explanation about it :D

3. Territories - Whenever someone buys a territory flag and places it down and tries to build, it says that he is not in his territory eventhough he is...

Those are the 3 problems i am having right now...


Nick Hagen

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I got the same Problem as written under 1. But did you already check your server? Here is the links: I wrote to the owner. He has this mail-adress: http://data.a3launcher.com/home/check.

After cheching my server today with validation my server was not yet in the list. I wrote to the A3Launcher Builder to help me. But I didn´t get a response until now. Here is his e-mail adress  info@a3launcher.com.

As I am setting up my server too, I could need some help. Would be nice to get a chernarus mission .bpo - file from you which already worked.

Christian Mars



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