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Bad FPS.

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Didnt know where to exactly place this, but got a question about bad fps in a single server. I'm a regular on this PvE server:

But i get around 15, when i'm lucky, maybe 20 fps there. Locking and unlocking takes a few sec, same with building or removing buildables. The missions info messages and the message you get when you enter a city, or a flag radius popup 1 letter per second at a time. Seems to me i'm not getting the needed data fast enough from the servers DB? But on every other server i tried, i get 30+ FPS without any problems. Different maps and mods, no problem. The weird thing is, most other players on that server are getting normal fps, it seems to affect just me. I'm trying to convince the owner that there is a problem on his side, cuz i can't think of any on my side.

My setup is:
AMD X6 1075T @3.3GHZ
Asus M4A77T
8 GB Team Elite DDR3
Asus RoG R9 280x Matrix Platinum
120gb Samsung Evo SSD

Got a 120Mbit cable connection, 120 up / 10 down. Get around 35/40 ping on the server.







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