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i am not a developer, just a player.

I have noticed that when i enter a 'Loot area', frequently nothing will spawn.  If I sit and wait (aprox 30-60sec) or keep moving along, eventually I get the "Loot has spawned in your area".  At this point the buildings closet to me still have no loot, but the second or third building away will have the loot. Or if I turn around and go back to those previous buildings they will have loot.

I have a couple questions...

1) Is there a way that loot spawns when you 'enter' the loot area, rather then as I am leaving?

2) When I get the message "Loot has spawned in your area" Whats the radius on that?

3) Is this a server setting (as most things in exile seem to be) or is this currently in the mod itself?


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+1 I was initially using a loot spawning script for these A2 buidings and the loot spawn script worked better than the default Exile one. As soon as I got in an area there was loot. Default Exile I have to wait a long time for it to spawn. Thought about going back to the script lol.

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