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Server shuts itself down

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I try to make an exile server and user TADST

When I try to join my server and get to the must read mpmission file closes itself down ????




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oh for christs sake...

why is every noob counting on this tool?

tadst is getting you in more trouble than it keeps you out from...


do yourself a favour and learn how to make your startparameter by hand..

its not that hard as you may think...


to your problem: what does the logfile (rpt) say?

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Wouldn't use TADST also.

Do you have your SQL Database up and running? Look the logfiles for the last (~10) lines


-It's really to easy to setup a correct dedicated environment-


>download SteamCMD (your OS version)

>do it manually or use a small batch files that logs into steam and downloads the appid 233780 -beta in your favourite file path

->arma3server is ready to go

copy and paste this directory as much as you want, and start alot instances of servers

(you still need to config everything else - missions - server cfg - launch parameters for mods and exile itself)


Easy way(big folder and not recommended):

Copy and Paste your whole arma 3 directory to a new location and execute there the arma3server.exe -> server up




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