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Am unable to get the to do the attack animation. I read on the bi forums to whitelist the attack. I tried adding this code below in the description.ext. But this does not seem to work.. Cleary am missing something. The Ryan Zombies guys claimed this should work and if it did not work. Then it was some weird block by the exile mod team. Any help here would be great. 


class CfgRemoteExec
	class Functions
		mode = 1;
		jip = 1;
		class fnc_RyanZombies_SwitchMove { allowedTargets =0; };
		class fnc_RyanZombies_PlayMoveNow { allowedTargets =0; };
		class fnc_RyanZombies_DoMoveLocalized { allowedTargets =0; };
		class fnc_RyanZombies_Bleeding { allowedTargets =0; };
		class fnc_RyanZombies_Velocity { allowedTargets =0; };
		class fnc_RyanZombies_SetHitIndex { allowedTargets =0; };
		class fnc_AdminReq { allowedTargets=2; };
		class ExileServer_system_network_dispatchIncomingMessage { allowedTargets=2; };
	class Commands


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