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Circle Terrain Work In Progress Release!

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Steam Workshop Download Link:


The new work in progress terrain Circle is a roughly 1Km island with a river running down the middle of the island. There are 3 military bases, an obstacle course with military cargo houses placed along the path in a forest and a great main road for small races. It's download size is around 50MB and it does NOT require any additional addons to run, however the use of multiplayer deathmatch type mods such as exile, epoch, wasteland, ect is highly encouraged as the map and placement of certain buildings is intended for those types of mods.

There are keys for servers, and a debug island for mp spawn area that is protected by a big rock from the main island. There is a read me file with things that will help make mp missions easier. (edit: readme didn't get included with upload, just post here or contact me if you would like it)

Having a 2km object draw distance will mean you can see all of the island from any point on the island; However, because of the density of objects placed on the island, some users may need to decrease object draw distance until they get a stable 60+ fps.(Having an object draw distance over 2km should not have an effect on performance or framerate) As of the first public build, there are roughly 2500 objects on the island. The island won't be finshed until the object count is well over 5 or even 10 thousand depending on public intrest.

There is a 20 slot dedicated server running the map along with Exile mod if you would like to come play multiplayer.
Server Name: wasti_circle terrain Exile High Loot!
Connection Info:
Query Info:



Please contact me on here or through steam if you would like the server mission files for exile, or if you have any questions or comments.

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Small update today for this map. It needed a little love, and I needed to test placement of new buildings - So now there's a bank, and a prison system on the island. :)



And anyone worrying about beaver island, yes it's being worked on :)


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