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Rabid Panda

Mod vs Servermod


Like the title says...

I looked at BISSTUDIO and it seems the deffinition is the same. I have both mod and servermod in my command.. infact here is my start line from the batch file I made...

start "" /min "C:\Users\XXXX\Desktop\Exile server\arma3server.exe" -port=2302 "-config=C:\Users\XXXX\Desktop\Exile server\TADST\default\TADST_config.cfg" "-cfg=C:\Users\XXXX\Desktop\Exile server\TADST\default\TADST_basic.cfg" "-profiles=C:\Users\XXXX\Desktop\Exile server\TADST\default" -name=default "-mod=@ASDG_JR;@CUP_Weapons;@Exile;@ExileServer;@hlcmods;@infiSTAR_servermod;@RHSAFRF;@RHSUSAF;@TRYK;@Bornholm;@mas" -servermod=@ExileServer; -autoinit ServerMod;-servermod=@ExileServer -maxMem=8192 -loadMissionToMemory -cpuCount=8 -enableHT

Game runs great.. just wanted to know if it mod was redundant or not. 
Thanks guys!



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