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After having around 5-7 days of sorting out Esseker and other mods, within our Linux systems, we have found a temporary solution, which is implemented within our one-click install module. Our pain and sweat was being taken up by Linux and ArmA not liking each other, which is why we have officially opened our Windows servers, which should improve the accessability of our mods on the one-click install.


The soluation is to have all modifications to have lowercase (.pbo) files. within the addons folder of the modification, this is done for all modifications we have seen so far. We are also implementing a script to automatically lowercase all files.


All new and old customers have the option to go to our new windows server, the server itself, has the same specifications as the Linux, also hosted in the same data centre. The only difference old servers will get it an IP change, all data and file will be moved with the access that you get through our Control Panel.


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An upcoming sale is due for Novembver to December, 20% off. LIFETIME Offer. Only for the limited time of NOV-DEC. 2015

this offer is not on sale yet, but will be advertised here on the 1st November 2015.

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It's awesome when you suggest something to a company and a day later they have it live. <3 you guys.

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