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Costum fuelstation,how to simulate?

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Hello all,

Having trouble getting costum placed fuel pumps to work proper for vehicle refill.

I have search and came across this:

Tried to apply the script to the initServer.sqf but to no result. Via recipe you can fill a fuel canister,but still can't refill a vehicle.Option get's presented to refuel,but fuel count doesn't go up.

What am I doing wrong?

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I think that it would need to be in initplayer.sqf not server. (possibly in both actually, not sure how mad the server would get if a client started saying hey bro, I'm going to fuel up here)



There are a couple a3 items that provide fuel feed to vehicles automatically by default. 

This is the newer looking one:

a3\structures_f\ind\fuelstation_small  >  fs_feed_f.p3d


This is the older, post-apocalyptic looking one:

a3\structures_f\ind\fuelstation  >  fuelstation_feed_f.p3d



Edit: ok looked into this more,

go into initserver.sqf, add your fuel feed like so: (change coords, and remove all the other objects in there except for your fs feed)

_objects =

then go into initplayerlocal.sqf, and uncomment the line that says #include initserver.sqf


pbo it up and try it out.

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