Can someone help me with my server setup please?

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I am currently in the process of setting up my new server in order to host exile.


I have managed the basics and have a sort of working server, i can log into it and stuff which is good just need someone to give me a hand and some advice.


I would like to do it over skype if that possible (screen share and stuff)?


Thanks in advance



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Thank you for the rapid response, sorry its taken me a while to get back - i'm GMT zone so i sent that message quite early then went to bed. 

I've joined that chat you recommended and sent a support ticket to your site. 


So with my server it's a win2012R2 VM on my own personal physical server.

I am trying to host a exile game on it, currently i have a sort of working exile host - loads of problems though (probably too many to list)

Im basically a noob at exile server host with all the scripts, parameters, etc.. and am basically after some help and advice on what scripts are important, how to make the server run better, where log files are stored so i can easily identify issues, how/what mission file are good to use, etc...


I know the above is not a specific issue and more of a general 'i need help' piece, but its just because i'm a noob with exile.


I've read tons of guides so i am heading in the right direction but i thought i'd ask some people who have done it hundreds of time and learn from their experience in order to make a good server to a good standard (and not 'justworking')





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