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Removed the thermal optics from the Nightstalker attachment.


Hello, I am part of a group that runs and maintains 2 moderately popular PVE servers and we were wondering if you could make the disabling of the Nightstalker's thermal optics to be toggled server side? Since the majority of PVE servers don't have a problem with them, but aside from that Exile has been a pleasure to use, keep up the good workguys!

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We have tried to duplicate the nightstalker and have one with and one without thermal optics. Unfortunately, it would require modifying ALL weapons too. In Arma, it is the weapon which defines "These scopes fit onto me" instead of the scope defining "I fit to these weapons".

Since there are TWS / TWS MG etc. where thermal is still available, it should be fine.

We have only applied this to the nightstalker, since it has another "wallhack"-like detection feature :)

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