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Looking for a little help - Sure, I am a simpleton... Help a simpleton, lol

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OK, long story short, and I have been searching some and I have found a lot of info but in this case I have found so much that I have gotten a bit confused and I just do not have the time or the focus due to being spread out from work and by the time I make it back home on the weekends I've kind of forgotten where I am at on my private little Exile server (running on a Windows 10 PC in my house) and honestly, I just want to play and do some basebuilding amongst myself and a couple of friends.  

Simple as it may seem it's just a lot more than I have time to dedicate (in order to learn what to do in order to copy, compile, figure out the details of what goes where).  I know it's cheating but I just want to get some guidance or direct help if possible...

I'm looking for someone that can help me setup the @mas weapons and vehicles.   I have already gotten @A3XAI running for AI and anything else is just vanilla with some minor tweaks on loot spawning.  That part was easy by most standards but I am just getting confused on setting up the config stuff, and also adding loot, etc etc...   Anyone that can perhaps help me out would be greatly appreciated..   I'm available most weekends right now and could sure use the help or a good set of instructions that are not spread across 20 different topics in the forums.



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