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Mission.sqm and addons


I am having issues with adding mod depenencies to the mission.sqm. The end result I want is to have people to be kicked when they join without a mod.


Here is my .bat

EXILE\Arma\Server\arma3server.exe -mod=@exile;@AllInArmaTerrainPack;@Esseker;@NATO_Rus_Weapons;@TRYK;Kart,Mark,Heli; -servermod=@exileserver;@A3XAI;@infiSTAR_servermod;     etcetcetc

My mission.sqm addons section is as follows with no issue

addOns[]= { "exile_client", "esseker"};

addOnsAuto[]= { "exile_client", "esseker"};

However as soon as I enter ANY depenency from an addon the mission I am spammed with can not read mission


 addOns[] = {"esseker","exile_client","ESSGoggles","Zara","zabb2","tryk_unit","zabb","TRYK_Uniforms","TRYK_BackPack","hrp","Shemagh","Kio_Balaclava"};

 9:36:05 Warning Message: You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted.ESSGoggles, Zara, zabb2, tryk_unit, zabb, TRYK_Uniforms, hrp, Shemagh
 9:36:05 Missing addons detected:
 9:36:05   ESSGoggles
 9:36:05   Zara
 9:36:05   zabb2
 9:36:05   tryk_unit
 9:36:05   zabb
 9:36:05   TRYK_Uniforms
 9:36:05   hrp
 9:36:05   Shemagh

This occurs if I add anything Nato+Spetz guns as well in the server's rpt log.

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