Zombies and ai coming into safe zones

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Hi please can some one help I have a server with various addons in the @ExileServer/addons folder listed below:











Every thing works well together apart from two annoying things ai keep shooting and coming into safe zones although they cant kill me its annoying and also demons and zombies do the same thing but they can kill you in the safe zone.  Is there a way to stop this help will be appreciated I will donate more thanks.

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Very annoying when you post something and nobody is answering. I don't know if you find what you were searching for but this is what I did and worked for me in the;  

a3xai_config  go around the line 191 you will find that;

    //Array of positions defining trader locations. AI will be non-hostile and damage immune around this area.
    //Use this if your server is not using the standard Exile trader markers or sensors in mission.sqm
    //For performance reasons, do not add locations other than actual trader positions to this array. 
    //Example: traderAreaLocations[] = {{2998.06,18175.5,0},{14600,16797.2,0},{23334.6,24188.9,0}};
    traderAreaLocations[] = {};

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