Adding H-Barriers and Razor wire

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I want to add these to the crafting menu. I tried to add them to the custom crates in the infistar menu and they dont show up. I see how you would add it to the the menu. But I am not sure it they will work. Have anyone tried this?


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The first problem you have with wanting to craft the item is their is no MAGAZINE for the H-Barrier.

Lets take the "Land_HBarrier_1_F" for example.

When you research this at BIKI you will find its a part of the CfgVehicles of the game, and not a CfgMagazines class.

Exile is highly customizable as I have found as of late. I wish I had this kind of time a few months ago....

Most of what you would need to do, well "everything" you would need to find would be in the Client side mod files.

Then you would need to create bypasses in the mission files config.cpp for the "everything" you need to get the clients to cfg what you want.


I have found its best to work alongside this mod, its a beast of a best friend !!

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