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Just wondering if anyone is running DAC or ALiVE on their server. If so, how does it perform?

Man... You just gave me an idea, to try and incorporate ALiVE, at least some parts of it, using ALiVE for realism purposes, and for that it performs really well! 

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it surprises me that anyone even remembers DAC.  i have both on SP and what i can tell you is this:


DAC has a MUCH smaller footprint than ALIVE

with DAC, YOU, must create all waypoints with settings, ALIVE does this for you


DAC is pretty good, i would THINK you COULD run BOTH at the same time if you wanted too.



DAC = smaller footprint, no downloads for players, but requires YOU to set up unit configs/waypoints, and is not too 'random'

ALIVE = resource hog, requires players to have it, gives random missions, very little 'work' on the server owner's part


both are good, i guess it really depends on what you're trying to do and do it with what? (cpu/mem/etc).




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