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Land Of Exile chernarus Z is up!

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Land Of Exile the best there is!

We just started up our new Exile server witch we want to become as much of a success than our arma 2 Epoch server was.

All of our staff members have great experience in running a server from earlyer days as our arma 2 server climbed the ladder towards top same as our dayz vanilla server.


You will need these mods to join the server:


Arma 3 Exile ( Of course)

Cup weapons pack 1.3.1

ASDG Join Rails 0.16

Zombies and Demons

Allinarmaterrainpack as we host chernarus


Other serversided mods:



Chernarus map


Deploy bike


Custom buildings



Server Info!


Server IP:


80 slot server



Yes i am Norwegian, but everyone is welcome!

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Har installert alle klient modsa, men får ikke til å komme innpå server. Noe som er gale? Ser også at server til tider er låst.

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