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Ser Fluffy

Will a new future be created for Exile?


Hello ladies and gents, I need to ask you a very mindful question. I saw Frankie ( FRANKIEonPCin1080p) playing on his modded server and it looked AMAZING! Sadly, it is private, but, will those mods and skins and weapons and VEHICLES be added inside of Exile in it's future? 

If so, that would be awesome, and I would support it as much as I can. Please let me know!

Sincerely, Ser Fluffy


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In short: No.

A bit longer: Let me quote what he wrote in his video description:


Please be aware this is a private server modded version of Exile that a few are selected by the server guys to play in. Mods being run: 
Dawn of Dead Infected Skins
HLC Mods (awesome weapons)
BAF Vehicles
BG_WEF (bolt animations)
Ryan's Zombies and Demons
Arma 2 Cutscene Animations
Blastcore Phoenix 2
Blood Mist
Blood Patches
Chinook Pack
Enhanced Movement
Blastcore Physics
Joint Rails
JSRS3 Dragonfyre
Mocap Melee
BIS Spotlight
Ukraine (village map)
RH Acc
RH Pistols
RHS Armed Forces Of Russian Federation
IanSky Scope Mod
Kio Skull Mask
TRYK Uniforms
Zee Identity Pack

From what I can see, this is at least 30GB of mods. Exile is 200MB. There is no reason for us to implement third party mods into Exile. We create a base game mode that people can extend easily. Besides license restrictions, we do not want to use any third party mods. This might be common in the Life scene, but we will not do that. Instead, server owners can just use the mods they want to.

We will add our own weapons and vehicles in the future.

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