Improve Exile - A Wishlist (56 Suggestions & Ideas - and Growing!)

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On 17.9.2015 at 11:06 AM, JohnyMST said:

Regarding the AI's
Spot on, do not want to see zombies in this mod, I also think that Monsters, Demons and other Epoch crap was ridiculous - Please do NOT add some non-human AI's into Exile...

Like Boxman suggested, crime gangs, serial killers, psychopaths roaming around the map, protecting goods, vehicles etc would be awesome idea.

Depending on the AI you meet, they should have different strengths and powers so people would actually react accordingly when they see an "easy" gang AI with "ah it's only them..." and when they see the "hard" gang AI "shit... run" :D

+ 1


Very nice ideas, but not all are fans of zombies and monster inside the armaverse.. To implement zombie parts inside exile, makes this mod another copy of DayZ. Well this is the reason i like and i have choose exile, cuz you have many opinions about your own mission and build amazing "own mission" atmosphere on the server.  I mean enjoi you are building Exile Hitman mission.. or Exile Vietnam War mission.. or what ever, there should not be any zombies or fap units xD even maybe as a easter egg somewhere hidden on the map, or as an easter egg for complete an mission..

+ Stuff like drugs and all the moves like dance moves ... Still missing since A2.. this would be amazing feature 

+ YES GIVE US WEED FIELD and DRUG DEALER.. ^^  /Edit "atleast as opinion, more AI trader opinions, thinking about R3F logistic stuff"

+ Make Marxet Trader an exile trader

+  Make trader vehicle spawns like i have seen on one exile server.. There you was been able to put your vehicle where you want after buying it.. 

+ PROFIT @all 

But thanks for this great post and all the input!

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how about making the lockers automatically round large numbers along with any other menu with expected k/m/b type numbers like respect etc. I added into the advanced locker system and its not a big job but would make things look a little nicer


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