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Terd Fergasen

AI types can walk through walls


By "Exile constructions", I mean: Walls, doors, garage doors, etc.

Testing has revealed the following:

  • Exile constructions block player movement
  • Exile constructions DO NOT block A3XAI movement or bullets/projectiles
  • Exile constructions DO NOT block zombie movement from @Ryanzombies with ExileZ addon (see your Addons & Releases section for detail). 

Devs can test on my server

  • Yes, Dev GUIDs are listed in exile_server_config.PBO

Is there a plan to make AI aware of Exile constructions, or is the thought that AI mod creators need to write in awareness code to their specific modules?

UPDATED 12/21/15:  I have observed ALL AI types on EpochMod do not walk through walls (including their own custom AI types and A3EAI).  Yes I realize these are different Arma 3 mod game types, but this is an example where AI respects mod construction objects.

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In Arma 3 AI can shoot through ground and ultimately through every object.

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