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why is the download behind a registration wall?!


why has the mod download been moved into an area only accessible to registered users?

this is very bothersome! beyond some very minor tracking information, i cannot think of any reason for this. and although i did make an account i am so upset now that i am considering not playing this mod any more. especially because this account has no benefit other than allowing me to download the mod.

but i do not actually need the account because the mod is not hosted here! simply knowing where it was hosted would have allowed me to bypass entirely. this is ridiculous.



in fairness i must mention that the a3launcher would allow someone to acquire the mod without having an account here. but this is not an acceptable alternative for someone (like me) that does not use the a3launcher because it simply replaces the need for an account with the need for another piece of software. i have used a3launcher but i do not like it. i find the steam launcher to have everything and more than i need to quickly initialize the mods i want for that play session, manage them and the a3 settings itself. conversely a3launcher does not have the options and settings to which i want access, inhibiting my ability to play a3 as i choose.


response to infistar:

that is not a valid answer. the age of the site has little to do with the fact that the devs chose to limit access to "members only" for the thread where the download mirrors were listed. that thread could have just as easily been publicly view-able.

how does my begrudging creation of an account here constitute support for the devs? i support them. i like their mod. my support is shown by playing it and recommending it to others. you have gone a step further and donated, great. but how does having an account here equal support for them?

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This webpage is new for just, mh 2 or 3 days? Probably just another baby sickness or maybe intended to keep download "bots" out. I really don't know

Even tho I can't care less about this, I think it is better this way :) At least a very tiny support by applying to this community should be given to the people who created and still create the mod

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