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Next Release Weather



I'm working on a fairly advanced script to generate dynamic weather based on realistically generated Temperature and Humidity for Exile.

I will also integrate that script: http://www.exilemod.com/topic/7717-detrimental-weather-effects-script/ into my work.

The Idea is that the weather will affect the player.

My script is 100% configurable for any map available.

I've seen that screenshot with snow in it on the "new" map, Namalsk and...

My questions are:

Are you working on improving the current weather system and am I wasting my time ?

Approximately how much time do I have to release that, If I want to release it before the next update ?

Would you be looking for someone to build something similar directly into Exile ?

Thank you.



I like how you built a system that influence the felt temperature. All I wrote so far is an algorytme to generate realistic temperature and humidity "curves" based on location, time of day and date. these curves then influence weather events. So if you focus your work on how the environnement influence the felt temperatures then I think what I'm building will work well with it.

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