0.9.8 Crashes, Groups and VON

This announcement is no longer active


We would like to inform you about the current status of these problems:

VON transmits forever and cannot be stopped
We have analyzed the problem and it all boils down to an engine bug. Then we have created a reproduction in vanilla Arma. This has been confirmed to be a bug by Bohemia Interactive, but they will not be able to solve that before APEX, as their current workload is too high.

VON is possible even if channel is disabled
Players talking or writing in the lone wolf group is related to the above problem. It was also confirmed to be an engine problem and will be addressed by the vendor.

Client crashes while loading into the server
Many of you have reported a crash to desktop while joining a server. This is related due to Arma running out of memory on certain conditions, especially on Tanoa. As far as we know, the current DEV version of Arma solves this issue. Let us hope for the best. It also crashes for Vishpala and me. The RAGE is real, as we want to finish stuff before APEX strikes.

Overall, the only thing we can do here is to wait. You know this meme? "You have no power here"? Yepp, that's how we feel.

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