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    We've opened a test server for Exile Escape.

    If you would like to have some fun and help us test, you can grab the client files here:  DOWNLOAD

    Please be aware that this is a preview build of @Exile and you already have an @Exile addon folder in your Arma directory. You will not be able to join current 1.0.3 servers with the @Exile addon we provide here, so be sure to rename your current @Exile directory to something else to keep it safe.

    To join our test server:

    1. Rename your current @Exile folder to something else, say @ExileLive
    2. Copy the @Exile addon you just downloaded from here into your Arma 3 directory
    3. Join our test server
    4. Profit

    To join any other 1.0.3 server after playing Exile Escape:

    1. Rename the @Exile folder to @ExileEscape
    2. Rename your @ExileLive folder back to @Exile
    3. Join any server
    4. Profit

    Server Info:

    Host: ExileEscape.xyz
    Port: 2302

    Please report all bugs here: http://www.exilemod.com/forum/205-exile-escape/

    Wonder what Exile Escape is? Check this out: 


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