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  2. Hello everyone, I'm trying to install Infistar on my Exile server, I actualy follow this tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Tg113V3laM I have three problems. 1/ In the tutorial (and in the readme.txt) I need to copy every files in infistar/battleyes folder to my battleyes server folder, but I already have similar files in this folder. I have try to overwrite everything. 2/ The second problem is with database, If I try to import exile_db_changes.sql in the database, I have this message : /* FOR "USE_DATABASE_WHITELIST" YOU NEED TO RUN THIS QUERY: */ ALTER TABLE `account` ADD `whitelisted` INT(1) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '0'; 3/ After following the whole tutorial, ingame I have this message : some keybind are hardcoded within the mod or game and can not be changed! I realy don't understand where is problem, I have reinstalled five time the server for test with youtube tutorial or just readme.txt but I have the same issue. Thanks !
  3. you can use this as an example, I provided a mission.sqm which is linked to a toast message script which is posted a few posts down
  4. I do have them all, and they're all loaded as well.
  5. Bonjour, ajoute moi Steam, je peux résoudre tes problèmes. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198122946914/
  6. You need Cup Units and Cup weapons to use Cup vehicles
  7. Hey, guys! Did everything on the guide, but the "buy item" key is not active. I can sell it, but I can't buy it. Please help to solve the problem.
  8. Bonjour à tous, Depuis quelques semaines, j'ai ouvert un nouveau serveur sur Exile mod. Après pas mal de configuration, de temps passé, etc., le serveur fonctionne plutôt bien. Malheureusement, il persiste deux problèmes que je n'arrive pas à solutionner. C'est pourquoi, je me retourne vers vous afin qu'une âme charitable puisse éventuellement m'aiguiller. Voilà pour mes deux problèmes :-) Je vous remercie déjà pour l’aide que vous pourriez m’apporter. Merci beaucoup. Bascrean
  9. PKP has no RIS too, but he adopted for DMS, AMS and other kinds of scopes. It is bug that must be fixed. Also I would like to see PKM with Picatinny rail.
  10. Bonjour à tous, J'aimerais mettre mon savoir-faire et mes connaissances en création de serveurs de jeux, création site web et la configuration très avancée de serveur TeamSpeak contre rémunérations en kebabs (salades, tomate, oignon, sauce blanche). Pour votre serveur, vous me dites ce que vous souhaitez et je m'occupe de tout. Si vous n'avez pas confiance, je peux vous mettre en contact avec plusieurs personnes vous confirmant mes dires. Pour votre serveur, vous me dites ce que vous souhaitez et je m'occupe de tout jusqu’à que le serveur soit opérationnel. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou simplement des questions, je suis disponible sur : TeamSpeak : Email : contact@multig4ming.fr A très bientôt, Braninou
  11. @[FR] zakhy yes, I have approximately 20 different uniforms and other components in mine. In the Github, look at the "Randomised Loadout" version. https://github.com/kuplion/Randomised-Loadout In the file ExileServer_object_player_network_createPlayerRequest.sqf you'll see there variables with arrays such as "_bambiUniforms = selectRandom" all you need to do is add the components you want into the appropriate array. See how you go.
  12. IbziDk, your find was extremely helpfull to me, my server and my comunity. Thanks a lot!
  13. So how exacly do I install this? sorry for the noob question haha
  14. So I guess I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to arma mods, and this one is becoming a big struggle to fix. I have all the mods to joing one of the Exile Mod severs but whenever I try this error comes up ever time: https://gyazo.com/d04581505295cb0f050a0ce66c0bd927 Even once I've deleted and reinstalled CUP Vehicles, or even all the mods themselves nothing changes. Can someone please shed some light and help me get onto these servers! Cheers.
  15. Yesterday
  16. Hello, I'm looking for a script that would display a notification when the player enters a pvp zone (which will be deffini by a marker on the map). Ex: A player enters a pvp zone, a message indicating that he enters the pvp zone will be displayed and ditto when he leaves the zone. I use the infistar system for pvp zones. Thank you in advance for your answers
  17. New Updated Adding Bridges And More To exilechernarus2035_9
  18. link for the exilealtis_4 is no longer valid
  19. MultiSlanix Malden Exile

    Wir freuen uns über jeden neuen Member Viel Spaß
  20. I fixed this but now I have a blank XM8. The settings are right. I give up on this. Thanks for the help.
  21. @Leo65 You're missing a semicolon, and a close bracket.
  22. It says you removed a closed bracket for the Sloth Machine controller. This is user error, not an error with the addon. Can you put your latest post as a spoiler.
  23. Basically yes, however obviously since the map is not 100% the same the triggers won't be 100% correct. However you can use this as a good starting point.
  24. Скрипт написать или попробовать установить мод dzn Vehicle on Fire https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1352522482
  25. Помогите разобраться с проблемой. В ромдомных миссиях с запароленной техникой, после убийства всех ботов миссия не завершается. Завершается только после того как садишься в технику. Только после этого выходит окно о завершении и показывает пароль.
  26. Is this any better than using Vcom v3 with A3XAi?
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