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      Inmates! We have launched 1.0.4 update for Exile. You can read about the release here:   
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      Server owners! We pushed out 1.0.4a hotfix for Exile server. You will need to merge/replace the following files:

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  2. Is it possible to add ACE 3 mod to exile server? would all things from ACE work correctly?
  3. So what map are you using that you are trying to do this on?
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  5. This post goes out to @infiSTAR and i wanted to say that i bought a new account and i plan not to hack again, if you could not ban me i would appreciate that I know there is a ban system were you play on the same IP, HWID, name etc, it will ban you that's why i created this post, I wont glitch like i did last time, last time i was banned for a money dupe glitch in Arma 3 wasteland I wont do this again, and would like to play Arma again since 99% of life exile, and wasteland servers use Infistar. Thanks! Please note that this is a new steam account, I just bought it today since I'm getting back into Arma, and pledge to do no dupe exploits, etc, all's i wanna do is play exile with friends and I'm worried about getting an auto ban. I will add GUID if needed.
  6. i don't use discord sry. Read the guides, watch the videos, show what u made and ask what u cant fix yourself
  7. please tell them to join the discord I need help so yes and thank you
  8. You can use this script to Warning Messages: This script has ONLY SERVER WARNINGS. You will have to config "Scheduled Task" on host havoc to restart the server and find a way to kick players before the restart.
  9. please tell them to come and help me with this please
  10. Traders: Exile 3DEN Plugin: Tutorial: You can learn a lot from them. Good luck
  11. Yesterday
  12. if you can help me I really appreciate it one of you great players or people in this great community could join my discord and show and help me set my SQF files because I'm really confused. thank you Discord: https://discord.gg/nKbKNBg
  13. Это возможно ты играл на RU51 там как я понимаю нужно мешки спальные для респы на базу). На других серверах обычно через флаг респ происходит (если включено администратором).
  14. @MercilessGamer this? https://stokesmagee.net/store/product/6-sm_traderplus/
  15. Hey, Im currently looking for 4-6 players join me in what hopefully will be an amazing adventure. Im looking for mature players, 18 or older 16 and up can do if your mature enough. I got 2.4k hours in Arma 3. Pm me on discord if you want to join me FreddyDG#1732
  16. Интересует такой вопрос т.к давно играл на exile, ставил флаг и все реснулся, а сейчас нужно какие-то мешки спальные?
  17. We have closed this thread and marked it as solved.
  18. [WOLF]Exile ChernarusRedux

    All gameplay styles allowed. Moderate to hard difficulty. Still tweaking and open to suggestions. - Random AI - Scavenging and loot spawns - AI Missions - Infection
  19. Funny thing is i've killed 3 different brands HDD in 3 years and killed no SSD's in that same time, so now i only use SSD's in my rig, and i still have the first SSD i every got working fine with loads of games, and i use that old drive as a temp back up to all my files before sending them over you a flash drive, so that old SSD has done a ton of writes and has never skipped a beat, not bad for a SSD that has been punished for over 5 years. Better than killing a HDD once a year.
  20. We have a strict no name/shame policy. Just find a new server to play
  21. Did you try the search feature on this site or searching on Google? MANY pages exist! One quick search on Google returned over 122,000 pages.
  22. I will now thank you! Lamp.
  23. https://discord.gg/rqkn55 and raise a ticket with ?new
  24. My email address associated with my infistar licence is not working. I have not been running the server for about a year, and now the licence does not work. is this common? is there someone i can talk too? I have sent a PM to "Infistar" the user on this forum as he helped me out quite a bit getting started years ago, but it says he has not been here since December 2017.... Has anyone had any sucess with B3Bot and Arma3?
  25. @MGTDB You are a legend. Cheers mate
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