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  3. Undercover Cameron

    DMS Occupation Roaming AI vehicle R3F towing

    Message me for a towing script. You place the file into @Exileserver > Addons that's it, requires rope to tow
  4. Gristle

    Gravelton Exiles - 1940's-50's

    Welcome to Gravelton! Now the third server to bear the name - we've gone historic this time. Features and Addons Vehicles and weapons from the 1930's on to the late 1950's. Expect to see tanks, half tracks, cargo trucks, Jeeps and prop planes. Most weapons use iron sights which force engagement distances to be much closer than you've been accustomed to. The close ranges make pistols, submachine guns and shotguns very viable if not preferable choices. With carefully tweaked AI, this plays considerably differently than a normal Arma experience! Weapons, Uniforms and Vehicles from: IFA3 AIO Lite Faces of War IFA3 Liberation CSA 38 Unsung Sab's Secret Weapons LEN AIO GEIST-A3 Lite Hostile AI are found at marked missions and town invasions. AI troops are also found protecting hidden loot crates. Some of the best gear are found in these crates! Riot squads are dispatched to chase down players - a message will announce the targeted player to give you a chance to take cover or run! Beware of hostile air patrols. They will engage you with machine guns but may making a bombing run on your position if you stay put for too long! Hostile AI Provided by: Defent's Mission System (DMS) Exile Occupation VEMF Reloaded A strong focus is on scavenging and crafting. As such we also have a player market for you to easily trade desirable loot with fellow players. All vehicles (except Air Drops) are persistent. If you find an unlocked vehicle, it is yours to keep! You will have to change the PIN at a trader to lock it, however. We also have usable trains and cable cars. Other Settings: MarXet Player Black Market CDAH Vehicle Crafting Extended Base Mod Extended Survival Mod Advanced Towing, Rappelling, Urban Rappelling and Sling Loading Advanced Train Simulator APOC's Air Drop Assistance Custom AI/Vehicle Scanner Closing notes - Since CSA38 interferes with Exile's 'holster weapon' binding, we have rebound it to '7'. Rare and valuable loot can be found on the outlying islands, especially in the radiation zone. Be cautious if you explore these areas as there have been reports from survivors of unusual and disturbing occurrences in these areas. Gravelton is a welcoming community with active admins. We hope you'll come check it out! Mod collection:
  5. TrapGod

    Napf Island A3

    Well duh!! Pretty sure he doesnt have any napf pbo
  6. aussie battler

    [Updated] R3F Logistics Exile (with CUP)

    @SleePyHollow150 sometimes I found a vehicle bugged out in the database is an issue. Try a clean database on a test server & see if the error pops up. If the error is still there start a new topic asking the question.
  7. MikeMathews


    Name. - Micah Age - 18 Timezone - EST Microphone ? - Yes Steam Link - Discord Name and # - Mike (Micah)#7354 How do you play? [put an X in the Brackets:] example - Sniper: [ X] Driver: [x ] Pilot: [x] Close Quarter Combat: [ x] Sniper: [x ] Support LMG: [x ] Tell us a little about yourself? - I'm 18 and american, going into the military. Looking for some gameplay until i'm off to BCT. I have a dog and a cat, worked at a nursing home for about a couple months then quit cause of some old lady sh** on the chair they made me clean it up. Just a nice guy looking to play I dont like immature kids.
  8. Undercover Cameron

    Loot Table for Takistan

    Hey I'mm, currently making a Takistan mission file and missing the loot tables. Is there currently one already out there which i can modify or ideas how to make one without going through each individual model class? Cheers, Cam!
  9. Admiral EliteSuicide

    DMS dont fill the Loot correct in Mission Crates

    I just edited it so that I only got 1 Loot Category for the specific Loot Crate and it works great. Not the same like I wanted, but it goes in the right direction My Edits in mission.sqf And in the Config.sqf I just added all Loot I want to spawn into just 1 Category for each crate I should be fine with that, but thanks for the help Guys @Kappa Slappa Yea that could be work too, I will give it a try later. For now Im good with that but thanks
  10. Last week
  11. Kappa Slappa

    DMS dont fill the Loot correct in Mission Crates

    @Admiral EliteSuicide you could try going into each individual mission - addons\a3_dms\missions\bandit Open any mission SQF and look for.. switch (_difficulty) do { case "easy": { _AICount = (4 + (round (random 1))); _crate_weapons = (8 + (round (random 2))); _crate_items = (10 + (round (random 3))); _crate_backpacks = (3 + (round (random 1))); }; case "moderate": { _AICount = (4 + (round (random 4))); _crate_weapons = (10 + (round (random 1))); _crate_items = (10 + (round (random 3))); _crate_backpacks = (2 + (round (random 1))); }; case "difficult": { _AICount = (5 + (round (random 2))); _crate_weapons = (12 + (round (random 0))); _crate_items = (12 + (round (random 0))); _crate_backpacks = (3 + (round (random 1))); }; //case "hardcore": default { _AICount = (6 + (round (random 2))); _crate_weapons = (15 + (round (random 0))); _crate_items = (1 + (round (random 1))); _crate_backpacks = (6 + (round (random 1))); }; }; and edit the numbers on the line where you see _crate_weapons = (xx + (round (random 0))); This may work.
  12. Kappa Slappa


    You could give this a go.
  13. Kappa Slappa


    When Spawning in the ground like that is usually a Database issue, Try respawning and see if it happens again. As for the "Some Key Binds are Hardcoded by..." bit that's related to InfiStar keybinds and has nothing to do with the spawning issue.
  14. Kappa Slappa

    Problem with Virtual garage of exile

    @Powerstriker46 easiest way to test is to make the changes, Place a Vehicle in your VG and name it "TEST" or something and then edit the Date/Time in the database e.g if your server has 7 days then set the date and time a week ago today the restart server, If its fixed the vehicle will remain in the VG and the deleted_at will be NULL if it didnt then it will delete the vehicle.
  15. Admiral EliteSuicide

    DMS dont fill the Loot correct in Mission Crates

    Yes they are random but it dont spawn items of every single Category So it normaly should spawn like I set in the mission.sqf: 12 random Items from DMS_BoxWeapons 5 random Items from DMS_BoxFood 5 random Items from DMS_BoxDrinks 10 random Items from DMS_BoxMeds 3 random Items from DMS_BoxSurvivalSupplies 4 random Items from DMS_Box_BaseParts_Wood 2 random Items from DMS_Box_BaseParts_Concrete 5 random Items from DMS_BoxOptics 5 random Items from DMS_BoxBackpacks But it only spawns every time just this categories: DMS_BoxWeapons DMS_BoxFood DMS_BoxDrinks The other categories will just likely "ingnored" I´ve tried to change the crate because of the capacity, but thats not the problem...
  16. Kappa Slappa

    Napf Island A3

    @FckingWoppa @TrapGod If you already have a Exile.Napf.pbo You can just rename it Exile.NapfWinter and existing traders, spawns and map markers will all be the same etc.
  17. kingsize52

    [] DayZ Exile Napf

    The server has a great number of features and on the napf map it brings back some of the good old days of DayZ hope to see some of you soon.
  18. Powerstriker46

    Problem with Virtual garage of exile

    i've not tested it but your changings make sense
  19. kuplion

    init.sqf or initplayerlocal.sqf

    Init: Everything runs it. InitPlayerLocal: The player / client runs it. InitServer: The server runs it.
  20. Powerstriker46

    Problem with Virtual garage of exile

    thanks i will try it
  21. Vondu

    Exile vanilla Virtual Garage

    @Sgt Smash This isn't an issue for just the dumbasses. I use this feature for enemy intel as well. I steal their vic, take it back to my base and VG it to get their pin codes. Then I try those pin codes on any of their known vics and doors to their bases etc. You will be surprised at how many people use the same code for doors and vics and safes etc.
  22. Kappa Slappa

    Problem with Virtual garage of exile

    Hey @Powerstriker46, I had a similar issue moving from ExAd VG to Exile vanilla VG and this is what I did to fix the issue... Hope this helps you as it did me =] In your exile.ini Find [markDeleteOldVehicles] And change this [markDeleteOldVehicles] SQL1_1 = UPDATE vehicle SET deleted_at = NOW() WHERE last_updated_at < DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL ? DAY) AND deleted_at IS NULL Number Of Inputs = 1 SQL1_INPUTS = 1 To this... [markDeleteOldVehicles] SQL1_1 = UPDATE vehicle SET deleted_at = NOW() WHERE last_updated_at < DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL ? DAY) AND deleted_at IS NULL AND territory_id IS NULL Number Of Inputs = 1 SQL1_INPUTS = 1 You can also change this in your exile.ini [deleteOldVehicles] To this... ; Removes vehicles that were not used within ? days [deleteOldVehicles] SQL1_1 = DELETE FROM vehicle WHERE last_updated_at < DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL ? DAY) AND territory_id IS NULL Number Of Inputs = 1 SQL1_INPUTS = 1
  23. Can someone tell me the difference in these two (init.sqf and initplayerlocal.sqf)? I'm assuming they are both executed by the client and not the server but I don't know which one of these is the best place to put the execvm. I modified a login rewards script from ETG_login_reward (andrew_s90) and login_rewards (sir_joker). The current state is that the script saves namespace variables to track login and uses exile player rewards scripts (andrew_s90) to reward players. This works great as long as I don't restrict reward givers to UIDs. Now Andrew_s90 provided a way for the rewards givers to be system like event, dms_mission, etc. However logic dictates that in order for me to use the system as the reward giver, I will need to execute the script server side and not client side. Currently, the rewards giver is always the client UID if I put it in either of the two files mentioned in the title of the post. So I'm assuming that neither the init.sqf nor the initplayerlocal.sqf will do what I need it to do. But I figured I would ask the people that have done this way more than myself. So I suppose I have two questions: 1. If I keep things the way they are, which of the two inits is the best place execute the script? 2. If I decide to modify the script to run server side and use database table to store the variables instead of profilenamespace, would I have to make it an addon? And how would I trigger it based on a UID login?
  24. Powerstriker46

    Problem with Virtual garage of exile

    Hi, I have a problem with my virtal garage. The Veicles disapear after XX Days (Im not sure). But not immediately. It must be a logicla day value. My Unused vehicle despawn time is on 7 Days The protection time of the base is 30 Days 1 example: Vehicle X was deleted at 11.11.18 from database (column "deleted_at" in database) but the column "last_updated_at" has the value 16.11.18 In my Exileserver database are showing random 2 errors but i think this have nothing to do with the VG How does the new exile VG working? Are the vehicles completley "safe" or is the "unused vehicle despawn time" still running even if they are in the VG? It feels like that the vehicles get deleted if the (on my server) 7 Days expired If anyone has an Idea pls anwere Would be great if I can fix that issue... PS46
  25. Brenner


  26. EBM shouldn't affect traders. Remove it and see if it continues. If it doesn't then you know it's something else.
  27. after install EBM mod, hardwear & weapon trader have lag with animation. Only this two trader have this problem. Other traders work well. Anybody know how to fix it. Sorry for my english
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