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  2. Brenner

    Spawning double traders?

    my lucky guess would be you have traders in your initPlayerLocal + you are calling initPlayerLocal from another file but than again it is your server and only you know what you have done on it
  3. Brenner

    Startup Crash - Deinitialized shape

    19:13:28 Error in expression < rain) * ((daytime factor [0.79, 0.88]) , (daytime factor [0.25, 0.17]))> 19:13:28 Error position: <, (daytime factor [0.25, 0.17]))> 19:13:28 Error Missing )
  4. red_ned

    Australia Map Developer here

    I was maybe looking at this for my next map as it gives lots of room for missions and with PVE lots of building space too, anyone got opinions on this map who played or used it on their own server before I rush in?
  5. red_ned

    A lot of Log messages

    Server: Object 2:5557 not found (message Type_91) kind of stuff is when AI is handed off to clients to process (DMS and Occupation do this) and its always been in the game and everyone asks and Bohemia wont fix as they don't think its broken
  6. red_ned

    [Updated] Easy Trader set up

    you have much bigger problems than traders, I think one of your scripts is broken as this is just a buy/sell script and could never affect you in this way even at its worst
  7. MGTDB

    MGT Exile Altis

    Custom Missions unique to MGT, over 70 mission types with custom clearup code Static radiation, occupation and underwater missions ZCP Capture point missions (domination) Custom mafia missions (Blckeagles) DayZ style helicrashes AI to hunt camping players Developed and balanced daily, Changelogs >> infiSTAR development server so has latest protection/definitions Custom incoming missile alert system for vehicles Custom standalone loot system for faster loot spawning, developed seperately The ability to get back into purchased DLC vehicles ingame without the DLC (still has prompts to purchase DLC on screen) Trader zone vehicle collision and theft prevention Lock vehicle from inside within traders MarXet trader Roaming waste dump trader Black market traders for high end vehicles and weapons Extended bullet cam timer for long sniper shots 73 custom flags 3km 3d party marker range Build a temporary base Players can poop and pee Advanced Urban rappelling, rope required Players can spawn near their flag every 30 minutes Harvest respect from trees Locker limit increases with respect Extra quiet earplugs No thermals of any kind Extended base mod Vector Building (extended base mod vectoring working) Respect base loadouts Custom Logistics, towing, lifting and crate loading/selling Revive system with defibs Perks for streamers - apply at Bike or boat deploy/pack on scroll action Ingame K/D scoreboard in escape menu Many custom vehicles with edited weapons for server balance Armed vehicle rearming at gas stations Anti combat log system Virtual garage through Xm8 or flag Remote CCTV through Xm8 Disable environment sounds Xm8 app Player and vehicle scan Xm8 apps Most wanted bounty system through Xm8 View distance Xm8 app Private chat Xm8 app Buy parachute via Xm8 Territory protection from breaching, grinding, safe hacking and flag stealing for new players 10k Starting poptabs and a balanced economy Abandon Territory enabling you to get a flag returned Player wages every 5 minutes - We did this first! Custom cleanup to keep fps high Mods required Exile (now on Steam Workshop \o/) mozzie mod Extended Base Mod NIArsenal NATO SF & SPETSNAZ Vehicles TRYK's Multi-Play Uniform's pack CUP Weapons CUP Vehicles CUP Units Community Base Addons Optional mods Blastcore JSRS Dragonfyre Dynasound2
  8. Today
  9. BrutalBirdie

    Startup Crash - Deinitialized shape

    Well the Server lasted a bit longer but still crash at this code Deinitialized shape [Class: "C_Soldier_VR_F"; Shape: "a3\characters_f_bootcamp\common\vr_soldier_f.p3d";] RPT:
  10. BrutalBirdie

    Startup Crash - Deinitialized shape

    Noticed this entry 19:13:20 Warning Message: File mpmissions\__cur_mp.ChernarusRedux\config.cpp, line 5553: Config: '"' encountered instead of ',' 19:13:20 Warning Message: File mpmissions\__cur_mp.ChernarusRedux\config.cpp, line 5553: Config: '"' encountered instead of ',' Will look into the config.cpp now EDIT: Was a missing "," fixed it and testing again
  11. BrutalBirdie

    Startup Crash - Deinitialized shape

    Hello Community, maybe you guys can help me. My Server keeps crashing on startup (some minutes after running) with this Error. RPT can be found in the spoiler or here I am using these Add-Ons for my server: "a3_dms, a3_exile_occupation, a3_infistar_exile, bigfootsshipwrecks_server, enigma_exile_revive, exilez_mod" I stripped down a3_dms to spawn less stuff and AI Deinitialized shape [Class: "C_Soldier_VR_F"; Shape: "a3\characters_f_bootcamp\common\vr_soldier_f.p3d";]
  12. kuplion

    Spawning double traders?

    I absolutely love your replies, @Z80CPU!
  13. Z80CPU

    Spawning double traders?

    Hello @ravejesus, #1 - If you have double traders, then YOU have told Exile to produce double traders - THAT IS A FACT #2 - If you do not know how to 'do a search', then the sad TRUTH is, you should not be running a server. 'Searching' is a BASIC FUNCTION. And if you have not mastered this, you will not have any real success operating a server. An ARMA server is NOT a 'plug-n-play' operation. You MUST KNOW/HAVE: Basic computer skills Know how the ARMA server works Basic networking skills Basic ARMA programming/scripting knowledge Without theses, sorry to say, it aint gonna work for ya! Yes, you get an answer TODAY, trust me, there WILL BE A TOMORROW! You got 'double traders' because you can not follow instructions which also poses a SERIOUS concern. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND you 'brush up' on your computer skills THEN return to running a server. I rather be HONEST WITH YOU, then LIE and 'hold your hand and tell you everything will be alright'. ALL of us started where you are. NO ONE 'jumps to the top' from the very start. We ALL have to LEARN and 'climb the ladder' of knowledge. You can not take one year of basic math and then consider yourself as a mathematician with a PhD. Sorry, this is not how real life works. When you say stuff such as "...before anyone tells me to use the search function, I tried. I'm not exactly sure what to search to find..." this CLEARLY says that you do not know what to do. For searching IS THE ANSWER! You got 2 cats, why? You told ARMA to show 2 cats! There! THAT is the answer! YOU told ARMA to do it! And there are UNLIMITED number of reasons as to why. And before some 'smarty pants' says otherwise, I can call extra units to be spawned from ANY SCRIPT FILE WITH ANY NAME! This means, with JUST alphanumeric used ONLY and ONLY 10 characters used in a name: 36^10 This is a BIG number, but then, within that script, I could call ANOTHER script, and I could continue this on and on. So, what I stated IS TRUE. The number of possibilities is UNLIMITED. File size, directory size, yes those have 'hard limits'. NOT the number of actual possibilities. Again, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND you 'brush up' on your computer skills THEN return to running a server.
  14. Z80CPU

    InfiSTAR BUG?

    Then @Seal, as I stated: "...IF the problem STILL exists, then you have installed IS INCORRECTLY...". Sorry to be the bearer of the truth, you have installed IS INCORRECTLY. There are THOUSANDS of copies of this running and if you look on this site alone, no one else has this issue. I would suggest you: #1 - REMOVE THE ENTIRE IS mod (this includes server AND THE CLIENT part) #2 - READ CAREFULLY the instructions BEFORE installing #3 - Install FOLLOWING above instructions It DOES work...IF instructions are followed CORRECTLY AND PROPERLY. And I KNOW you have NOT RESEARCHED THIS TOO before posting! For if you DID, you would SEE WHAT THE PROBLEM IS AND HOW TO CORRECT IT! The post is ON THIS SITE! Go research and you WILL FIND THE ANSWER! Good luck!
  15. Knocks

    Exile Expansion - A Community Expansion Mod for Exile

    Is this still being updated or maintained? @[RG] Salutesh
  16. Knocks

    FuMS -Advanced- CTF, Captives, Zombies, and more

    Help with testing new aggression fix if you have this system running and would like to help test a new aggression fix, please make these changes and let me know if this helps Modify HC\AI\SpawnPlayer.sqf after line 73 add the code below (after the ///////////] I suspect this may be the core problem, but I’m away from my server. If this works, i’ll need to update the base code but it will be simple. I also need to check the group creation.
  17. TDBGaming

    [SOLVED] Looking for "remove item" script

    Do I need to place markers on the map to use this? Just wondering with the markerarray
  18. ..l.. ◣_◢ ..l.. Ŧдϛҙ™

    Territory upgrades respect bound

    Okay, so for me, the question is whether this is really feasible with the existing files or whether it must be completely new and write separately. Personally, I'm not exactly the cracker for creating new scripts, so I'm looking for advice in the community. Would be very nice if really helpful answers come instead of meaningless sarcasm.
  19. Knocks

    FuMS -Advanced- CTF, Captives, Zombies, and more

    Do you still have those missions?
  20. Knocks

    FuMS -Advanced- CTF, Captives, Zombies, and more

    Working on that too. Almost got it...
  21. Trying to fix an issue with FuMS, I’ve come across an issue I need help with. It seems like “hint” text is only being displayed on the map screen. For example, in the missions system, this is set up in the local client On the hesdless client, this code runs. If you are looking at the maps, you see the announcements. Otherwise, nothing. I’ve tried several basic “hint” commands and it seems like this is true of anything sent to the console via “hint”. (Ex. Hint “hello”; doesn’t work either. Is this a setting I need to change? Or am I missing something? HC code Example _msntext
  22. Knocks

    FuMS -Advanced- CTF, Captives, Zombies, and more

    Update on notifications So it looks like infiSTAR is blocking hints. Here is the actual code that’s uns on the client to generate the mission notice. Here is the current code. Anyone know what would cause this? I’ll open a ticket with them Tom see if we’re can get some input, but this seems like odd behavior for any add on that uses the hint command. Without infiSTAR, the system work with no issues. I’ve also confirmed that any “hint” is blocked. Now that I know how this works, I’ll be adding toast announcements this weekend, but’s it would be nice to know why this is happening.
  23. kuplion

    Spawning double traders?

    Is that your whole initServer file?
  24. ravejesus

    Spawning double traders?

    So, before anyone tells me to use the search function, I tried. I'm not exactly sure what to search to find so I figured I'd rather just ask. I'm having a problem on my local server/machine in which the Trader AI are double-spawning. I'm not really sure what's causing this or how to fix it, so hopefully someone can help figure this out. I'm using the 3DEN plugin to auto-compile the initPlayerLocal and initServer. Posting both below as well as a picture. initPlayerLocal initServer Thanks in advance.
  25. Whitey

    Exile Server erstellen, lassen.

    @Pinhead77 Ich denke du wirst hier kaum jemanden finden der dir mal schnell den Server aufsetzt. Weil es würde absolut nichts bringen, weder dir noch uns. Was machst du wenn Arma ein update kommt , oder Exile? Was machst du wenn die Datenbank spinnt und du zb einen Member per Hand raus löschen musst? Das ist sinnlos da du dann bei diesen Sachen hier auf der Matte stehst und es selbst nicht hin bekommst. Also helfen wird dir hier sicher jemand. Aber wenn musst du dich da selbst hin setzen und machen ,das wird dir keiner abnehmen. Und wenn ich von dir lese das du nur geringe Freizeit hast würde ich die Sache von vornherein vergessen!! Einen Server zu betreiben ist eine menge Arbeit und benötigt teilweise irrsinnig viel Zeit. Als Spieler denkt man sich leicht ,geil das mach ich mir auch !!! Aber ich denke die Serverbetreiber hier werden mir bei pflichten das die Spieler nicht einmal 5% der Arbeit mitbekommen. Die sehen nur das es etwas neues gibt. Was aber teilweise für Arbeit und Zeit dahinter steckt können sie nicht mal erahnen !! Ist nicht böse gemeint ! Das ist aber leider die Realität. Einen Server betreibt man nicht mal so nebenher. LG. Whitey
  26. Brenner

    InfiSTAR BUG?

    In your EXILE_AHAT_CONFIG.hpp you have it set up for F1? you can check keys here:
  27. Cillo

    [Solved]Humanity System

    Has anyone had any luck getting this to work with 1.0.4?
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