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  2. Have you tried to add $PREFIX$ and $PBOPREFIX$ manually to packed dms and occupation .pbo That helped me solve my occupation issues (most of them). Or just check if a dms and occupation pbo's have them, double click .pbo to open, do not extract them (if extracted $PREFIX$ will be there anyway, unless something is really messed up in pbo), and compare files with extracted folder. If it looks like this, you might want to add c/p it into .pbo manually: If it looks like this it should be fine: Note that some .pbo's have $PREFIX$ only, the easiest way is to extract it to folder, and c/p to a packed .pbo Anyway if I were you I would also check rpt for errors. P.S. I am @work now so I used pics from web
  3. Thanks I'll give it a look through today and follow each step then report back here just in case considering my issue isn't really resolved yet lol.
  4. add -profiles=RPTs to start line, RPT's will be created in RPTs folder
  5. TADST may seem to make things easier at the begining, but actually is limiting you, you can use these instructions and the batch files provided to start the server:
  6. Today
  7. Hello Exilemod team and community, P.S. I'm sorry but I don't know where to find the rpt files... If anyone can help me get my server up and running I would be so thankful! Today I set up my own exile server just as explained in the Exile Server Installation Guide. After using Google search, I managed to get everything working using these guides, Guide 1: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/210570-dedicated-exile-server-setup-simplified/ Guide 2: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Dedicated_Server#Dedicated_Server_.26_Client_configuration I then started up TADST (after having MySQL downloaded, installed, setup then launched) which loaded up the Arma 3 console. However in the Console it won't get past this:
  8. Will add the reply here (I replied on Discord) so others can fix it you can fix it by blocking autorun near territories ExileClient_system_autoRun_canAutoRun.sqf Need to add into the exception block if ([getPosATL player, 100] call ExileClient_util_world_isTerritoryInRange) then { throw false; };
  9. Hey I'm having the exact same issue! How do I get the rpt?
  10. I can autorun while i am in the XM8, then i go to CCTV and choose a camera! Then i run inside bases/houses and everything. Someone know this issue? I use the Infistar APP function.
  11. I can autorun while i am in the XM8, then i go to CCTV and choose a camera! Then i run inside bases/houses and everything. Someone know this issue?
  12. I have this every time I set up dms occupation on my servers. Every every time.
  13. Респ на базе - это дополнительный скрипт, устанавливаемый или нет индивидуально администратором каждого сервера. Он не является стандартной функцией сервера эксайл. Вам следует уточнить этот момент у хозяина сервера на котором Вы играете (если Вы играете) или установить этот скрипт, если Вы сам хозяин сервера.
  14. Is it possible to add ACE 3 mod to exile server? would all things from ACE work correctly?
  15. So what map are you using that you are trying to do this on?
  16. This post goes out to @infiSTAR and i wanted to say that i bought a new account and i plan not to hack again, if you could not ban me i would appreciate that I know there is a ban system were you play on the same IP, HWID, name etc, it will ban you that's why i created this post, I wont glitch like i did last time, last time i was banned for a money dupe glitch in Arma 3 wasteland I wont do this again, and would like to play Arma again since 99% of life exile, and wasteland servers use Infistar. Thanks! Please note that this is a new steam account, I just bought it today since I'm getting back into Arma, and pledge to do no dupe exploits, etc, all's i wanna do is play exile with friends and I'm worried about getting an auto ban. I will add GUID if needed.
  17. i don't use discord sry. Read the guides, watch the videos, show what u made and ask what u cant fix yourself
  18. please tell them to join the discord I need help so yes and thank you
  19. You can use this script to Warning Messages: This script has ONLY SERVER WARNINGS. You will have to config "Scheduled Task" on host havoc to restart the server and find a way to kick players before the restart.
  20. please tell them to come and help me with this please
  21. Traders: Exile 3DEN Plugin: Tutorial: You can learn a lot from them. Good luck
  22. Yesterday
  23. if you can help me I really appreciate it one of you great players or people in this great community could join my discord and show and help me set my SQF files because I'm really confused. thank you Discord: https://discord.gg/nKbKNBg
  24. Это возможно ты играл на RU51 там как я понимаю нужно мешки спальные для респы на базу). На других серверах обычно через флаг респ происходит (если включено администратором).
  25. @MercilessGamer this? https://stokesmagee.net/store/product/6-sm_traderplus/
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