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  2. [HG] About_69_Ninjas™

    RHS Vehicle Nuke

    Same thing here.
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  4. Hi @MGTDB Thanks for your respond. My Community has not a website right now. So I can not enter in the monetarization programm. The other thing is when I offer exclusive access to my server or to scripts or other stuff for example for "donators" you need to put an imprint onto your website it´s an obligation in germany. So firstly I will think about how I will do that and later on think about the code and how I implement everything. Thread can be closed.
  5. StokesMagee

    StokesMagee's Resort - Premium Scripts

    SM_LoneVirtualGarage has been updated: Fixed: Bug caused by extDB2 causing people to be unable to retrieve their vehicle. Fixed: extDB2 enabled servers were unable to open the GUI.
  6. (SAD) Sickpuppy

    AVS - Advanced Vehicle System

    Where can I download AVS the link provided is dead
  7. Before you do any code, make sure you comply with
  8. Hey Guys, I installed Halv´s Paintshop on my server. Its working really well but I want that only players who are donators can access the menu. So I added a column in the table account in my mysql database with the name donator. Every player who is not a donator has a 0 in this column every player who is a donator has a 1. After that I wrote a function in the exile.ini for getting the value of the donator column. [getDonatorlevel] SQL1_1 = SELECT donator FROM account WHERE uid = ? SQL1_INPUTS = 1 OUTPUT = 1 The original Code of the Paintshop is this one: At this part I modified the function with the plan to check the donatorlevel with the uid of the player. But the thing is, the menu does not appear anymore. What do I do wrong? Because I tested so much posibillities but it never works.
  9. That is not currently configurable. If you look through the scripts for UMS you should find what you are looking for.
  10. bparnham

    Dedicated staff/community

    Hello everyone We are looking to create a group/community to assist us upon the creation of an awesome Exile server. This server is going to be on Chernarus Winter(CUP) and is going to be on Exile mod. its planned to be very developed and be unique. Zombie survival, with challenging environment. So please if your interested to join us and assist us please get in contact with me, there are plenty of roles that need to be filled, so if your dedicated and interested just drop me a message and we can arrange a meet. come join discord and post a message in recruitment: Thanking you Bparnham.
  11. BaroN

    Unknown Issue Causing Server Crash

    Try using notepad++ feature to search in all files and folders or any other program you have that does the same for those words
  12. Anyone know why this wouldn't save the ammo to the DB? Ive checked after every restart and its always at 0 Found this in the Logs >>
  13. odin.svobik

    [RELEASE] DAPE: Dynamic Air Patrol Event

    Sorry, the script works on malden. Only I have one problem, the planes hit me on a slope of mountains and hills. Is there any way to adjust the altitude of the flight? and to burn after patrol even from missions? Thank you
  14. Yesterday
  15. Thanks for the response! I did sort out the dynamic vs defined loadouts since I had made that post but I am still having some trouble with the boat patrols. I had the scuba groups already disabled but I went ahead and changed the counts to 0 as you recommended. I still end up with two or three AI treading water in regular uniforms (as opposed to scuba gear) and the boats have only two or three crew each. Is there a way to define how many gunners and passengers they should spawn with? The vehicles have plenty of room for the ones swimming.
  16. SleePyHollow150

    Unknown Issue Causing Server Crash

    I can't figure out what this stems from 0:20:16 Error in expression <(ammo1+ammo2)> 0:20:16 Error position: <ammo1+ammo2)> 0:20:16 Error Undefined variable in expression: ammo1 0:20:16 unable to compile MFD condition '(ammo1+ammo2)'
  17. SleePyHollow150

    Unknown Issue Causing Server Crash

    @BaroN thanks for your time mate. I've taken off KA Weapons to remove some of those errors and will be looking through it again. M
  18. traew

    Not letting me join

    Every time i try to join the server now it says " Session lost- Verifying PBO failed: @450814997\addons\cba_accessory.pbo " when i have already downloaded Community base addons, and i was playing this sever 2 days ago. HELP PLZ
  19. How is FUMS working out for you? I'm in the same boat as you. All I want is some "aggressive" roaming ai on my PvE server.
  20. [FYCA] BillytheDog

    Dynamic Vehicle Spawn with Items in their Inventory

    How did you get on with this? Any success?
  21. Brenner

    Stucks on the ground and some beginner questions

    Just as a reference to other people reading this, as we agreed over pm: Sorry for the OT
  22. Chernaruski

    [Release] Fishing boat script [UPDATED]

    add another code line/s at line 133. for example 4 more fishes: player addItem _fisharray; player addItem _fisharray; player addItem _fisharray; player addItem _fisharray;
  23. Braniinou

    [Release] Fishing boat script [UPDATED]

    Hello, how could I fish for several fish at once and not one at a time?
  24. is there a possibility to change the parameters for the height, so it counts not from the bottom of the pole which is maybe under the surface (for example 2m) and you cant reach the 1.5m mark? for example to count the position from surface? fpr example the pole is 2m under ground but you can always reach the 1.5m above surface? so the value becomes "dynamic"?
  25. [HG] About_69_Ninjas™

    Database issues (Exile Occupation)

    Ok thank you. I'll try this
  26. Hey Leute, ich probiere im Moment das Polizei Sirenen und Blaulicht Script von Altis Life in Exile zu portieren. Habe es in den Missionsordner meiner Exile Mission gepackt und habe in der init.sqf versucht das Script auszuführen. Bis ich jedoch herausgefunden habe, dass Altis Life das Script in der Functions.hpp ausführen lässt. class Cop { file = "core\cop"; class bountyReceive {}; class containerInvSearch {}; class copInteractionMenu {}; class copLights {}; class copLoadout {}; class copMarkers {}; class copSearch {}; class copSiren {}; class doorAnimate {}; class fedCamDisplay {}; class licenseCheck {}; class licensesRead {}; class questionDealer {}; class radar {}; class repairDoor {}; class restrain {}; class searchClient {}; class seizeClient {}; class sirenLights {}; class spikeStripEffect {}; class ticketGive {}; class ticketPaid {}; class ticketPay {}; class ticketPrompt {}; class vehInvSearch {}; class wantedGrab {}; }; Altis Life nutzt ja auch die "fn_keyHandler.sqf" damit bei Tastendruck Blaulicht oder Sirene ausgeführt wird. Jedoch besitzt Exile weder eine Functions.hpp noch eine "fn_keyHandler.sqf" weswegen ich gerade leider nicht weiß, wie ich das Script richtig portieren kann. Ich wäre über jede Hilfestellung oder jeden Tipp dankbar. Die Sounds für die Sirene habe ich auch bereits kopiert.
  27. Blaezit

    [Release] Xtended base raiding mechaniX

    Hello, Not sure if anyone is able to help me with this issue but I'm out of ideas so here it goes. I have installed everything not just once but twice, maybe even thrice... still the same result. I have cleared the Db table entries and added them back in for the sake of it just to see if that is the reason... still the same result. No matter what i do i cant get the explosive charge to stay in the safe, after server restart i scan the safe and no explosives found. Any input would be great. Thanks
  28. Michael Hawk

    Server not starting anymore

    Of course I did update it, sadly the error wasn't fixed. I'm completly clueless why, without doing anything to the server, it suddenly isn't working anymore.
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