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  2. odin.svobik

    [RELEASE] DAPE: Dynamic Air Patrol Event

    I tried to use a bomber from RHS mode (Tu55 BEAR) and C-130, but it did it when using a helicopter. Your mod has enormous potential
  3. odin.svobik

    [Updated] Claim Non-Persistent Vehicles

    Hi guys. I need help. Claim works great on vehicles from exile, from dms. but it doesn't work on vehicles that spawn from RHS mode. Somebody please advise? thank you very much
  4. BaroN

    Unknown Issue Causing Server Crash

    remember to also unpack any pbo's in your @exileserver folder as it could be something in there...
  5. Today
  6. SleePyHollow150

    Unknown Issue Causing Server Crash

    @BaroN have done with TextCrawler and Notepad++, no results. Will keep looking, thanks for the suggestion
  7. Blaezit

    [Updated] Claim Non-Persistent Vehicles

    Any way to change this to be able to claim persistent vehicles? It would be cool to be able to hack the lock off and add your own lock, or just change owner of the vehicle once a new lock is added.
  8. Blaezit

    Best persistent vehicle spawn ?

    I am also having this issue, I have removed the default exile spawns from my exile_server_config but still get random vehicles spawning on the map... As seen from the image below the green vehicles are being spawned with my uid attached as it is the persistent vehicle spawn script, the other vehicles are the ones I want to stop spawning but cant find where they are coming from.
  9. DENA77

    [RELEASE] DAPE: Dynamic Air Patrol Event

    Yes, that was the function of disabling interceptor.
  10. If you mean that there is no action available on the asset, check that the assets are being properly initialized. The functions are in blckClient.sqf in the \debug folder. MGT found the fix for this a while ago. It should look like this: GMS_fnc_addHostageActions = { private _hostage = _this; //private _handle = _hostage addAction ["Free Hostage",{_this call GMS_fnc_freeHostage}]; //,[],1,showWindow,hideOnUse,(alive _hostage)]; private _handle = _hostage addAction ["Free Hostage",{_this call GMS_fnc_freeHostage},[],1,showWindow,hideOnUse]; //,"",{alive _target}]; //,"", (alive _target)]; }; IF that is correct, I am not sure what the issue would be. As far as I know it works fine on our servers.
  11. Thanks, I will dig through the files and see what I can turn up. In the meantime, I've been running into some issues with the asset missions not completing when the other AI have been killed? The 'Capture' addaction doesn't result in mission completion and gives the negative message as though the 'blck_unguarded' variable is not being updated when the last non-asset unit has been killed.
  12. hogansheroes

    [RELEASE] DAPE: Dynamic Air Patrol Event

    Can we add this script to any map, or do we have to adjust the way points onlines 65-68 for the map you going to use, or will detect with changing way points.
  13. Yesterday
  14. Knocks

    [RELEASE] DAPE: Dynamic Air Patrol Event

    Yeah that seems to be an issue with the way Arma does flight, they tend to follow the terrain and can't make quick adjustments on steep terrain changes. I suppose you could make sure there are only helicopters as patrol craft. They can probably handle the terrain changes better. Let me know if you guys experiment with other patrol craft. I've seen some scripts on better ways of doing waypoints so as I learn I'll fine tune the code. If anyone has any ideas for other immersion type scripts let me know.
  15. Knocks

    [RELEASE] DAPE: Dynamic Air Patrol Event

    Do you want to be able to turn off the interceptor? Like have it as an option? The patrol craft would still come in and crash after a while with the helicopter rescue.
  16. Knocks

    [RELEASE] DAPE: Dynamic Air Patrol Event

    Version 1.1 released - Script now cleans up once a player jumps in the helicopter. - Script runs continuously - Some minor code optimizations Let me know how it works for everyone.
  17. Z80CPU

    Not letting me join

    Hello @traew, Do this, find ANOTHER server that uses AT A MINIMUM, the same mods. Join it. Then watch what happens: If You Fail To Join, It Is On Your End (Corrupt PBO As An Example) If You CAN Connect, It Is The Other Server With Issues The above is a quick and dirty 'test' to see what is what. You also can 'verify' stuff via Steam, though that just might take longer than the above. BUT, the above tests YOU AND THE OTHER SERVER AT THE SAME TIME! Good luck!
  18. [HG] About_69_Ninjas™

    RHS Vehicle Nuke

    Same thing here.
  19. Hi @MGTDB Thanks for your respond. My Community has not a website right now. So I can not enter in the monetarization programm. The other thing is when I offer exclusive access to my server or to scripts or other stuff for example for "donators" you need to put an imprint onto your website it´s an obligation in germany. So firstly I will think about how I will do that and later on think about the code and how I implement everything. Thread can be closed.
  20. StokesMagee

    StokesMagee's Resort - Premium Scripts

    SM_LoneVirtualGarage has been updated: Fixed: Bug caused by extDB2 causing people to be unable to retrieve their vehicle. Fixed: extDB2 enabled servers were unable to open the GUI.
  21. (SAD) Sickpuppy

    AVS - Advanced Vehicle System

    Where can I download AVS the link provided is dead
  22. Before you do any code, make sure you comply with
  23. Hey Guys, I installed Halv´s Paintshop on my server. Its working really well but I want that only players who are donators can access the menu. So I added a column in the table account in my mysql database with the name donator. Every player who is not a donator has a 0 in this column every player who is a donator has a 1. After that I wrote a function in the exile.ini for getting the value of the donator column. [getDonatorlevel] SQL1_1 = SELECT donator FROM account WHERE uid = ? SQL1_INPUTS = 1 OUTPUT = 1 The original Code of the Paintshop is this one: At this part I modified the function with the plan to check the donatorlevel with the uid of the player. But the thing is, the menu does not appear anymore. What do I do wrong? Because I tested so much posibillities but it never works.
  24. That is not currently configurable. If you look through the scripts for UMS you should find what you are looking for.
  25. bparnham

    Dedicated staff/community

    Hello everyone We are looking to create a group/community to assist us upon the creation of an awesome Exile server. This server is going to be on Chernarus Winter(CUP) and is going to be on Exile mod. its planned to be very developed and be unique. Zombie survival, with challenging environment. So please if your interested to join us and assist us please get in contact with me, there are plenty of roles that need to be filled, so if your dedicated and interested just drop me a message and we can arrange a meet. come join discord and post a message in recruitment: Thanking you Bparnham.
  26. BaroN

    Unknown Issue Causing Server Crash

    Try using notepad++ feature to search in all files and folders or any other program you have that does the same for those words
  27. Anyone know why this wouldn't save the ammo to the DB? Ive checked after every restart and its always at 0 Found this in the Logs >>
  28. odin.svobik

    [RELEASE] DAPE: Dynamic Air Patrol Event

    Sorry, the script works on malden. Only I have one problem, the planes hit me on a slope of mountains and hills. Is there any way to adjust the altitude of the flight? and to burn after patrol even from missions? Thank you
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