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  2. hogansheroes

    [RELEASE] DAPE: Dynamic Air Patrol Event

    Thats the one i use and works great
  3. Knocks

    [RELEASE] DAPE: Dynamic Air Patrol Event

    What claim script are you using? I can take a look at how it works and if I need to make an adjustment on my script it should be quick.
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  5. Knocks

    [RELEASE] DAPE: Dynamic Air Patrol Event

    You're welcome, and thank you for trying it out. Hope you all are having fun!
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  7. I've been in contact with a rep and it doesn't seem practical. Even going with a pretty decent instance type it would have issues once the player count got over 40. That would mean using multiple instances at about $175/mo. I'll probably end up with a couple of boxes at OVH.
  8. TroyT

    TCAdmin or Alternatives

    Thanks for the input. I'm actually experienced in building and running my servers but need to share the workload. The need to share limited access comes from my real-world circumstances. I'm ridiculously busy with my business and family. I have a hard time being available for updates, kick starts, or DB tweaks when needed. When one of the last Arma updates hit, I was out of the country and if my admin had no access then the whole thing would have been down for a week. The level of access granted is dependent on how well I know them and what their technical proficiencies are. All of our admins were well established in the community before being invited to join. We use InfiStar and I have several access levels assigned depending on the need. Some of them have limited DB access through TCAdmin and some have full access using whatever MySQL tool they are most familiar with... usually Heidi. A couple of them have FTP access, most don't. I'm not particularly worried about malicious behavior since my servers aren't, and won't be, hosted at home or at my office. If some rogue admin decided to cause havoc it would be contained. Nobody will have access at the OS level except for one admin who I work with on development. If I didn't allow access, it would basically mean pulling the plug on our community and sending everyone packing. At last count, we had logged about 10,000 unique players and have about 700 members on our Discord server. I actually did try to walk away from it once and was working with one of the core admins to transfer power. I couldn't bear to see it whither and ended up keeping with it but in a more back-end capacity. One thing that I had to learn to do in my life was to delegate tasks and allow the delegatee to fail. I've learned to do that in my business and am now much better off for it. I'm applying some of that to more serious pursuits like these game servers and so far, so good. I've actually started recruiting dedicated players to help develop new maps. Want a Weferlingen Winter map? Let's all learn how to create traders and loot positions! It's worked well thus far. I think my coffee kicked in about 10 sentences ago. I've been using TCAdmin for the last 3 years but it was being administered through the GSP. Now I am going to be setting things up differently because I'm sick of dealing with the performance issues that keep plaguing us with the limited access of a managed OS through the GSP. The main features that I like about TCAdmin are the ability for admin to run a Steam update with a single click, or if I've granted them permission, to update mods with the Steam Mod Updater. Restarting the servers is handy, but they usually use ArmAdmin for that. So I guess the gist of my question is about the practical application of TCAdmin and if anyone has any direct experience with using it on the back-end. Or, if there are comparable products, which seems to be a no if I want the features listed above. My coffee has definitely kicked in. I need to stop now or I might just keep on typing... Thanks again for the input. All valid points.
  9. So, I'm not finding a satisfactory answer so far. I've been simply testing a number of maps to see how they would load into an Exile server. Many maps load without any significant problem. However, a few generate the following error message: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWorlds. XXXX Where 'XXXX' would be the map name. Two maps, as examples, that are causing this error are Montella and South Asia. I'm using Tophe's Arma Dedicated Server Tool (TADST) to start the server. I'm not loading any other mods but Exile, Exileserver, and each map in question (plus any required mods that the map uses such as CUP Terrains Core and/or others) each time I start up a server. Anyone have a complete explanation as to why some maps work and why some generate this error? Does this config.bin file have to be somewhere with the map files? Or is this somewhere else?
  10. chaveezy

    RPG7 Rockets Don't Load All the Way?

    Anyone ever seen this before? Tried various rockets in the RPG7, they stick out all the way.. Can still fire them just looks weird...
  11. Z80CPU

    TCAdmin or Alternatives

    Hello @TroyT, As a network admin in real life at times, the REAL question is, if you must go to this length, they should NOT have access to the servers AT ALL. NO REAL business does this. When I was a network admin for the world-wide credit reporting company Equifax, I had to go thru a MAJOR background check for the past 10 years of my life, including such things as a credit check as well as any/all civil actions brought against me, because you see, my HANDS actually TOUCHED THE COMPUTERS HOUSING YOUR CREDIT SCORES. When I was a network admin for a company that handle almost 3000 hospitals and nursing homes in all 50 states in the US, I had to go thru a 7 year background, though unlike Equifax, there could NEVER be any issue of me 'stealing anything' from the hospitals. If you have to 'babysit' these people thru software - DO NOT USE THEM!!!!! THAT is the BEST OPTION! Second would be to limit their access thru Windows Policy Editor, WHICH IS FREE AND WORKS! (by using Remote Desktop or something like TeamViewer/UltraVNC (free and works GREAT). Using 'programs' CAN BE CIRCUMVENTED and are ALL THE TIME! For example, what would stop me from attaching to your server using SOME OTHER PROGRAM??? NOTHING! As long as I had the ARMA server password, that is all that is needed! Due to the number of servers you have, you should ONLY NEED 2 people 'admining' these servers. In my server's case, I NEVER have to 'admin it' EVERYTHING is 'controlled' by batch files/external programs. ARMA Crashes? It restarts. MySQL Crashes? It restarts. Server crashes, machine automatically reboots and ARMA starts automatically. I NEVER have to 'babysit' my server. Also, in the real world, this is ALSO HOW IT IS DONE. LESS HUMANS EQUAL MORE SECURE AND LESS ISSUES! If you have to 'babysit' it, your server is not setup properly. As stated, I NEVER had to do ANYTHING. EVERYTHING is backed up at EVERY BOOT! This includes ALL LOGS too! I would 're-think' how you wish to admin. For IN-GAME admining, now, THAT is a different story and this is the admin I was in real life (though I would build or assist in building new servers). There was NO HARDWARE ADMIN. Even places like where I was a 'hospital admin', ALL we handled was the SW. Our servers sat right next to Google's Data Center (same building) stuff...which ALSO HAD NO HW ADMINS (do note, the link is where they used to be and this was 10+ years ago too)! There is a HW issue, you know due to emails/other types of messages being sent to you. You can look at the attached pic, this is a screenshot from UltraVNC is what I use for my server. You can see all the batch files running at the bottom as wll as all logs and the DB back-ups. It CAN be done! My server is Win7, I REMOVED THE POS known as Win10 for my server! I spend < FIVE SECONDS every day on my server, and I really do not even have to do that! You can even have your server send you email messages about errors. when rebooting, etc. with NO EMAIL PROGRAM AND 100% AUTOMATED!!! (and free to boot!) See: SendMail There are also apps (at least for Android) that will alert you when your server 'goes off line' - FOR FREE! See HERE There are FREE VNC clients that will allow you to 'remote in' and take control of the actual PC like Teamviewer (clunky on Andriod). See: VNC Clients For Android Just install something like UltrAVNC server on the PC and you're ready to go! ALL FOR FREE! By using the above items, I can do ANYTHING to my server from ANYWHERE in the world where I have an internet connection. Also, one OTHER benefit by using UltraVNC, it REQUIRES NO SOFTWARE. You can connect via a VNC client OR via a browser as it has a BUILT-IN JAVA SERVER! @TroyT, I am afraid that you're making a LOT MORE WORK for yourself than is actually needed! For SW admining, use InfiSTAR. The best hands down and you CAN limit access with this program easily. Good luck on your transferring! PS - I did forget one thing. There is ONE thing that is NOT automated on my end, but could be, I elected NOT do it, that being mods/ARMA updates. As my server is about 1m from me, I just copy over any new updates from my PC to the server and I am done. There ARE methods for batch files that you can use to check for updates. I opted out as they run at every start up and can take 2-3 minutes. I did not want to have this much 'down time', though it is not that long. Making a 'zip file package' of any new mods, ONE admin could update ALL of your servers at ONE TIME . They/you would not even have to log into the server! Now THAT COULD be automated. In the sense you create the 'new update mod zip file', upload it via a batch file to every server, they AUTOMATICALLY see it and run it and update mods/keys as needed. It is not hard to do, actually it is pretty easy with NO ADDED PROGRAMS except your 'unzip' program. Or you upload it to ONE server and IT uploads to the other 5 servers, which would make it easier and MORE SECURE on/for you. Remember the old saying: Work SMARTER, NOT HARDER!
  12. Powerstriker46

    Dynamic multi convoy for EXILE

    yes thats right i had this problem 1-2 times since i opened the server (02. May) further i got the problems that sometimes the vehicles and saves/containers are not simulated (so you cant pick up stuff from them) but if you enter the vehicle or move the save it will work again im currently not sure if its better to remove the script or to ignore thease problems
  13. SwissArmy1984

    [GUIDE] Server Install/Upgrade Guide 1.0.4

    Where is the Exile Auto Start.bat file? It's not in the downloaded Exile server file. How does it appear in the Arma3/Server folder??
  14. Whitey

    [RELEASE] DAPE: Dynamic Air Patrol Event

    Script works fine on Rosche Germany. Thank you for the Script !
  15. hogansheroes

    [RELEASE] DAPE: Dynamic Air Patrol Event

    for the vehicles that inwhich can be used for selling or code locking, if you have the claim vehicle script you can use it to lock the vehicles from the mission
  16. odin.svobik

    [RELEASE] DAPE: Dynamic Air Patrol Event

    All right, I was just asking. but you are absolutely right. This is not important. Anyway, thank you for your reply and look forward to further improvements.
  17. TroyT

    Add vehicles isnt easy... or...?

    Make sure that there are no duplicate entries in either list. That will break your server. Pay attention to your placement of commas and semicolons, a misplaced or omitted comma is the easiest way to break your server.
  18. TroyT

    Unknown Issue Causing Server Crash

    Notepad++ can search in PBO's as well. Keep in mind that the script that's causing the error can be in many locations - mission file, @Exile\addons folder, @AnyMod, etc. Use the search in files functions in several places, the code is there somewhere. I'd suggest simplifying the search at first. I'd start with "ammo1" and see where that's being called.
  19. MGTDB

    MGT Exile Chernarus Winter

    Added the LRR Silenced - mod so the M320's can use 9.3mm suppressors
  20. MGTDB

    MGT Exile Tanoa

    Added the LRR Silenced - mod so the M320's can use 9.3mm suppressors
  21. MGTDB

    MGT Exile Altis

    Added the LRR Silenced - mod so the M320's can use 9.3mm suppressors
  22. MGTDB

    MGT Exile Namalsk Redux

    Added the LRR Silenced - mod so the M320's can use 9.3mm suppressors
  23. MGTDB

    MGT Exile Chernarus

    Added the LRR Silenced - mod so the M320's can use 9.3mm suppressors
  24. TroyT

    TCAdmin or Alternatives

    Cool, I'll take a look.
  25. MGTDB

    TCAdmin or Alternatives
  26. Knocks

    [RELEASE] DAPE: Dynamic Air Patrol Event

    The idea was that the player would use the helicopter to haul all the weapons back and sell everything. They can buy a permanent vehicle from the trader. I would need to write a lot of code to add in those features and I would rather add in fun features than stuff like this since every other mission system already does all of this. If I come across an easy way to do it I might do it over time.
  27. hogansheroes

    [RELEASE] DAPE: Dynamic Air Patrol Event

    will do as works for altis not sure yet for cherno but will try later
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