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    I am currently working on new models and an upgrade system. These are just examples, but should clarify what I have in mind. First, build the frame and, depending on the existing material, fill it with wood, bricks or concrete. These can also be reinforced with metal. I will also consider other models such as larger garage doors into consideration. I also have to see how it works with the destruction...
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    Hello @Vanalex, What @kuplion has stated is true. From what I have seen, a LOT of people take (for example) the 10 mods that wish to use and install them all at one time, then they start their server and everything 'blows up'. NEVER EVER DO THIS! Do this instead: 1 - Get DEFAULT Exile working (worry about the 'right' map LATER) 2 - Make a back up of EVERYTHING 3 - Add ONE MOD and get it working 3 - Go to Step #2 till completed Final step: Create your Lythium map. Basically, the ONLY difference in different maps is where the traders are located/laid-out. Note - If you're planning to use InfiSTAR, INSTALL IT AS A LAST STEP AFTER EVERYTHING IS WORKING AND MAKING A BACKUP!!! I also recommend you set up a LOCAL server at home which cost NO MONEY and get it working, THEN rent a server at which time you can just upload your files with some path changes. Also, almost every update; be it ARMA, Exile, or mods, something usually goes wrong. What are you going to do then? Be like some who come on here BEGGING for help, yet they were ALL told to 'learn it yourself'? They made the choice not to and now they suffer in their decision. There are MANY guides on here and on YouTube on how to setup an Exile server. It is not 'that hard' as long as you stick with 'basic' things. Just make SURE that the info pertains to the CURRENT versions of ARMA/Exile. Something from 3 years back most likely will not work. Be THANKFUL you have these guides and people like @kuplion and myself, as well as a forum such as this to even ask for help. When I started with ARMA 17 years ago, there was NOTHING. When I started with Exile, there was basically NOTHING. Many of us had to learn it ON OUR OWN! You, have at your 'fingertips' a slew of resources from our collective knowledge to aid you in your 'quest'...IF YOU FOLLOW DIRECTIONS AND SEARCH FOR IT! Good luck!
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    First of all, don't double post. Second, learn how to do it yourself because you will need to know when a mod or Arma updates.
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    I'm so sorry real life stuff has my time lately (just had a kid). This holiday weekend coming up I will make some time to update VCOM and ExAd.
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    Hello @kidesh, You're welcome! Give you a helpful hint/tip though. Anytime you see something on Steam that 'might disappear' and you want to KEEP it, do this: 1 - Make some other 'mod' folder 2 - Point the Bohemia Launcher to it/add this folder to it 3 - Subscribe to the item 4 - Once done COPY IT from the WorkShop folder to the newly created '2nd mod folder'. If Steam ever removes it, it WILL be removed from your HDD, UNLESS IT IS IN A NON-STEAM FOLDER! (#1). So you will have a copy of the mod even if Steam removes it! DO NOT PUT IT BACK IN THE WORKSHOP FOLDER! It WILL be DELETED!
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    Hello Everybody! Over the years, I have noticed people having issues with mission files that give them the dreaded ‘Deleted Content’. Then they come on here seeking what to do and how to deal with it. For those who know how to deal with it, it is fairly easy. But, if you do not know, then you’re stuck. Not only that, but if your mission has 20, 30, 75+ items in the ‘AddOnsMetaData’ class section you could spend 30-60 minutes renumbering the items after you remove them. Heaven forbid if you delete a semi-colon or cause some other syntax error! So for those that struggle with how to fix this error as well as help those the the ‘AddOnsMetaData’ renumbering, I have put together instructions as well as a program that will automate some of these procedures for you. This program can be used for ANY ‘Mission.SQM’ file which gives you this error. It does not matter you get it when you try to play your mission or when you try to edit the mission. It does not matter if it is for Exile, KOTH, SP, or MP. This program (64kb) is a Windows program that can run on any version of Windows, from Win95 –> Win10 with no issues. This is a program that I have personally been using for over 2 years and it is a time saver! Instructions on how to use the program as well as how to fix these errors are contained in the YouTube video which is in the ReadMe file as well as directly from within the program itself. When you download this program, you will have a choice on a ‘Stand Alone’ version or an ‘Installed’ version. Try the ‘Stand Alone’ first. Both will be included in the RAR file. ---> Make SURE YOU READ THE ‘READ ME’ BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING! <--- If you like this and wish to show your appreciation in a more tangible manner, please donate to me at: PayPal.Me/SuperChickenProduct If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to let me know! DropBox Link
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    And this is EXACLTY why we recommend people actually learn how to do this themselves..
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    EXORDIUM GAMING NAMALSK Are you sick of playing servers with too much fire power that make the game unplayable ? Are you sick of being on server with no admins and players abusing others? Do you want to play on a server were the admins are always reachable and take control of the server that is well balanced and has went back to the roots of the old Namalsk and DayZ? Well look no further !! Our server Exordium gaming namalsk|dayz survival is has been built by myself (kidesh) and Frenkert. We have 3 years each of playing,developing and being admins on exile servers. We also used to build servers for clients for a gaming host and we have also have played and developed Arma2 DayZ servers. Now with this new server that we have built we have taking all of our experience and built probably one of the best servers out there . We have made the Namalsk server built around a Cold War era that Vehicles and Guns are only from the 1950s-1990s. What we have to offer: A smooth server with high FPS and stable connection. Active admins which are both access-able on the server by direct chat or RCON that is been monitored most of the day and as always we are on discord. We have custom PVP areas. Custom traders built by our-self's. Traders that have been made to resemble the Cold War era. Traders that also have Elite gear. Traders that have been priced to make a good economy throughout the server. DMS missions customised to Cold War era. Zombies for that DayZ feel. Grinding and hacking Base protection up to lvl 3. Heli crashes. Mozzie Helicopters. Bell/Pook Helicopters. Advanced repair. Arma2 movement to Arma3 ( makes you move the way from Arma2 ) Plus more stuff to come in due to the community Hope to see you soon and I with leave you with some screen shots of the server!!
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    Keep up the good work guys!!!
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    This mod creates a circle marker around all players online that meet the criteria (explained below). The marker radius and refresh time are adjustable. The purpose of this mod is to encourage PVP action on your server especially during low pop times. There is now a config.sqf in the root of the PBO with adjustable options. Here is a list of features. Markers only appear when players are actively holding a weapon, not in a territory, not in safe zone and not in a vehicle. Markers change color depending upon number of pop tabs on player. Blue = < 10k, Yellow = > 10k and Green = > 50k Adjustable markers update timer, default is 5 minutes. Adjustable marker radius defaults to 300 meters. Adjustable minimum and maximum players online to trigger markers. Adjustable marker icon. Adjustable marker text. Ability to exclude players from being marked. Happy PVP'ing SCREENSHOT: (note this is how i see myself, players do not see player marker inside the circle!) INSTALLATION: Download the file - pvpmapmarkers.pbo or pvpmapmarkers_dow.pbo (Ducks of War version) [USE ONE OR THE OTHER NOT BOTH!] Just drop the PBO file into your @ExileServer/addons folder, and your done.. UnPBO the file if you want to make any changes. Config file will be in the root of the PBO folder after it has been uncompressed. Disclaimer....!!!.... This has been somewhat tested.. There may have been conditions and situations I've overlooked. Anyone care to help be my guest.. SOURCE CODE: ( for those untrusting types... ) UPDATE #1: Added some RPT logging. UPDATE #2: New user markers are created 10 seconds after connection. Markers are removed immediately upon disconnect. Markers are removed 30 seconds after death. Lots of logging to RPT for those who like logs. Added config.sqf for user options. User customize-able delay and radius for the markers (see config.sqf file) User customize-able minimum and maximum player online trigger. UPDATE #3: Adjustable marker icon. Adjustable marker text. Change math that is used to calculate random placement of marker. Added toast messages to let players know when they are marked. UPDATE #4: Added a ducks of war version, changes are... Update marker every 30 seconds, must have a duck on person or in vehicle they are in. Otherwise they will not be marked. Goes without saying, you need to have Ducks of War installed and working before this version will work. UPDATE #5: Added ability to exclude players from being marked. FUTURE? Someone suggested I modify the code, to create a marker only when you have fired a weapon, and make it last say only for 2.5 minutes, or until you fire again.. Add code to activate markers only when a minimum and maximum number of players are online. ADDED!
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    Link: https://geek-monkey.com/wordpress/inflation What this simple site does is take your "Easy Trader" data (itemListXXXXXX.hpp) and allow you to raise and lower your prices based upon a percentage rate. The rates are broken down into price ranges. This way you can have different rates per group, or all the same, choice is yours. A value of 100 or blank will not change the price, anything above 100 will increase, anything below will be a decrease. Line items that do math, mostly found in the ItemListExile.hpp file. Will need to be changed manually. I have tested this with my own server and it works, which means it could work for you, but I make no guarantee. So backup before committing to your live server. You have been warned. Before Price Change After Price Change
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    Hello @kidesh, You're correct! It was on Steam a few times ONLY to be removed due to copyright claims. As such, I doubt it will be on A3 as it would be ILLEGAL. So, while you may have a copy, how would anyone else get it? You or anybody who host's this file is asking for legal troubles.
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    Do you use infiSTAR? If so, whitelist display 57 in config/ allowedIDDs
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    Hello @ZAPERDASH, It is NOT BE! It is on YOUR END! I guess you did not take the error and google it. For if you did, you would see that MANY things cause this error, 120 to be exact. For example, having TWO VERSIONS OF ACE RUNNING AT THE SAME TIME! You would also see this error with 'NetServer' instead of BE too. Removing hacking protection because it detects errors is not too smart. It would be smarter to FIX THE ERRORS. Also, stop and think. If it was a PURE BE problem, why don't the REST OF US HAVE THIS ERROR THEN??? Hmmm...sounds more and more like it is an ERROR on your end... I would RESEARCH IT via Google, examine the results, and compare it against your code. The day you take BE out is the day you will get hacked...it never fails... Yes, disabling BE is a QUICK FIX, it is also the WORST fix too...actually, it is NOT a fix if you truly think about it. Did it really 'fix it'? No. All it did was to stop the reporting of the error(s) that you have. It did not 'fix' ANYTHING. The REAL problem is STILL THERE...just not being reported. It is like you having a fire in your house and you're pulling the batteries out of the smoke detector because of the alarm noise. Yes, the alarm is not going off anymore, but did it put out the fire too? Or is it still burning without your knowing it? Ignoring problems NEVER 'go away'.
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    Hi, I quit arma some time ago and haven't really worked with it since then, but if I don't forget I'll try to help you tomorrow! Sorry for the lack of updates but kind of lost motivation and am waiting for Arma 4
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    if it happens every now and then, its an arma bug
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    Or, learn how to do it yourself. This forum is not the place for airing your dirty laundry.
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    Hello Everybody! Ever notice how your profile folder gets full of those silly RPT files? And that you have to spend time doing something with them? Have you also ever notice that the RPT file itself is full of entries that you could care less about? Say goodbye to housekeeping and cluttered RPT files! Your maid is here! This package contains two batch files which can be installed anywhere on your server, with one of them even being able to be installed on a remote computer. #1: CleanUp.Bat This will read in your RPT file and ‘strip out’ garbage that you do not wish to see. For example, let’s say the RPT has about 1000 lines of “Missing CUP_Saucer”. Normally, you would have to skip over this and be ‘pestered’ by looking at them. Not anymore! Just put in the word ‘CUP_Saucer’ and ANY line that has this...well...say BYE-BYE! All 1000 lines will be removed from the RPT file! You can use this to remove many words/phrase at the same time. Do note, the ORIGINAL RPT is NOT modified, rather the ‘stripped’ version is what you see. So you do not have to worry about losing data that you might need at a later date. #2: Log-BackUp.Bat This program, which should be run BEFORE the ARMA server starts, will backup your log files AND any InfiSTAR logs too! It will create a folder within your profile folder and then create a ‘time/date’ based folder in which these logs are copied into. Example: 2018-23-08-09-00 folder (0900’s logs) 2018-23-08-13-00 folder (1300’s logs) ... ... ... 2018-24-08-09-00 folder (0900’s logs) 2018-24-08-13-00 folder (1300’s logs) ... ... This way, in your profile folder will be ONLY TWO LOGS! Not hundreds! And those log files will be the CURRENT SESSION’S LOG FILES! ‘CleanUp’ can be run at anytime and IF you have mapped drives (DRIVE LETTER ASSIGNED) to your server, you can run this program from home. ‘Log-BackUp’, as stated, should be run BEFORE your ARMA server starts back up. Both these batch files have been in use for 2+ years with no issues. Both of these will run on any version of Windows from Win98 –> Win10 and both are < 4kb in size. ---> Make SURE YOU READ THE ‘READ ME’ BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING! <--- Also, in the ‘READ ME’, is a link to YouTube showing you how to use these. If you like this and wish to show your appreciation in a more tangible manner, please donate to me at: PayPal.Me/SuperChickenProduct If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to let me know! DropBox Link
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    These guys are giving you great advice and a good level of candid awareness of the challenges you may face. A few things i'd like to add: Years ago.. this guide got me started (thanks for doing it @S.) Second.. You need to decide if you are all in.. and renting a dedicated box (big balls) or if you are frightened a bit by the debbie downers and just want to start with some slots on a hosted arma 3 server (smaller balls, but balls nonetheless). Third.. You should focus on development on a different server than the one you are using. Nothing sucks worse than losing population because you messed up something you were trying to do and they leave to go play on another server. So develop on one.. and when shit works, move it over to the community server. Good luck, and @kuplion and @Monkeynutz are available 24/7 to help you in the official exile discord. ;p
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    Let him be enthusiastic, he is still young and naive
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    Update 0.3a changed pilot, dead, get in and get out animations (first try) added pos driver and dir in memory lod
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    Ok, it'll be ready in 2 years or so
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