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    Just a little tweak, so when your players are building, they can check their Xm8/territory app to see how many constructions they can build up to for that level Grab ExileClient_gui_xm8_slide_territory_onOpen.sqf from client files and change the code to the following:- Then, place the file in your mission file and add the path to mission config/CfgExileCustomCode class CfgExileCustomCode { ExileClient_gui_xm8_slide_territory_onOpen = "myfixes\ExileClient_gui_xm8_slide_territory_onOpen.sqf";//change to your path! }; Pack your mission and you're done!
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    Its an easy install from 3.1. You just have this in your description.ext and drop the Vcom folder into your mission file. Change Notes: -CBA integration fixes -Artillery error fixes -Added Vcom Driving (experimental) -Vcom AI will ignore squads with players in them -Overhauled initialization -AI movement during combat tweaked -AI healing improved -AI unique animations -Other things I forgot about
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    Soo i spent a good couple of hours searching the internet for an Igiload script that supports RHS but there isnt really anything, so I've been editing mine and tweaked it to just support the vehicles I use in my server. IT'S BY NO MEANS COMPLETED,WORK CORRECTLY OR HAVE THE BOXES LINE UP PERFECTLY. IgiLoad.sqf
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    Releasing this main DMS static mission pack for Napf (map specific) 11 Static DMS missions for Napf Map. Features include: a3_custom file loading of main mapping with full PBO and settings - allowing simple objects (better FPS) and enableSimulationGlobal for active lighting and doors etc Mission start mapping of blockades etc Fully randomised AI numbers, difficulty and reinforcements Fully commented missions for ease of adjustment Some paratroop reinforcements, support vehicles including air and land Possible minefields per mission Included server-side markers and mapping for bridges which can aid in missions. Slightly smaller island missions with 1 crate and less AI Camp Audacity Mission Camp Bravery Mission Camp Courage Mission Camp Fortitude Mission Larger castle/church missions with extra mapping on castles to fortify Froburg Castle Mission Homburg Castle Mission Napf Castle Mission Muttenz Church Mission Larger island missions with 2 crates Occupied Island Mission - with paratroopers and AI heli Oil Island Mission - with bridge and markers Stranded Bandits Mission I am releasing it all as I am not sure how much longer I will keep my Napf server up due to player decline and may either give up or move onto another map. The pack does consist of most of the best ways (I think) of doing things so server-side markers and bridges can help protect your work etc and using 2 ways of calling objects (server load, mission start) with simple and complex mapping to allow for minimal server stress (not every object needs to be interactive e.g. walls as it just adds load to server) and using everything I learned about mapping loading, DMS AI and mission randomisation. These missions have been live on my server for a year or more so you can always pop over and see some of them. Instructions and full images on GitHub so wont bother with most of those here. Download: https://github.com/redned70/DMSStaticMissions (Napf/Napf full mission pack) Big up to @Pradatoru for load of mapping with me (especially those damn bridges!) Hope you enjoy the missions ned
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    I'm not sure the custom difficulty pbo file is still available, but if you can fined it you do as i said above! as it is as precise as it gets! // MISSION SETTINGS class Missions { class ARMA3 { template = "Exile.Altis"; difficulty = "ExileCustom"; // Server difficulty Settings (Recruit, Regular, Veteran, Mercenary, Custom) }; };  Edit: The pbo is still available on the first page of this thread!
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    Hi. I want to present you my little exile server. Most unique feature is our own lvl system, gas granade and custom sounds( if you like quake frag sounds, you can turn on/off it in xm8 if you like it).
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    Very good frames, a very fun server to play on, almost never desyncs. would definitely recommend to try out.
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    This addon with numerous settings for crashes transport on your server. The player triggered a crash and crashes not far from him. The presence of bots https://github.com/ejikSOW/helicrash install addons: Take the addon and throws in @ExileServer/addons You can configure the addon in the config file.cpp Main settings: minPlayer = 1; / * the Minimum number of players for the appearance of the paint. */ spawnFly = 1; / * parameter is responsible for the appearance of bots in the air or on the ground. 0-on the ground, 1-in the air */ startCrash = 40; /* how much time will fall helices after the restart. In seconds. */ betweenTime = 1000; / * After what time the next crash will fall. In seconds. */ betweenTimeEndCrash = 1500; / * After what time the current crash will be removed. */ startCountBots = 5; / * how many will be the number of bots in the helicopter. unexpectedly */ endCountBots = 5; /* how far will the number of bots in the helicopter. unexpectedly */ startCountVehicleBots = 5; / * how many will be the number of bots in land transport. unexpectedly */ endCountVehicleBots = 5; /* how far will the number of bots in land transport. unexpectedly /* betweenTimeCrash = 2; / * Delay in seconds before falling */ betweenTimeBots = 3; / * Delay in seconds between the start of the helicopter crash and landing * / betweenTimeYawik = 4; / * Delay in seconds before the box appears */ heightCrash = 600; /* Height of any falls helicopter */ countItemBots = 3; / * number of random loot in bots. Taken randomly */ minPlayerMetrsCrash = 500; /* minimum distance of occurrence from the player */ maxPlayerMetrsCrash = 700; / * maximum range of appearance from the player */ mincountWeapon = 2; / * minimum number of random weapons in the loot box. Taken randomly */ maxcountWeapon = 2; / * maximum number of random weapons in the box with loot. Taken randomly */ mincountItems = 5; / * minimum number of random loot in the loot box. Taken randomly */ maxcountItems = 5; / * maximum number of random loot in the loot box. Taken randomly */ countBackpack = 2; / * number of backpacks in the box with loot. Taken randomly */ radiusMetrsCrash = 50; / * Radius of movement of bots in passive mode. If they see the target, they'll follow. */ crashType = 0; / * 0 - all types of crash, 1 - only helicopters, 2 - only equipment. */ classBoats = "O_Soldier_unarmed_F"; / * bot Class */ classHeli = "B_Heli_Transport_01_F"; / * helicopter Class */ classVehicle = "B_MRAP_01_hmg_F"; / * equipment class * / classBox = "Box_IND_Ammo_F"; / * mailbox Class */ markerCrashEnabled = 1; / * Show marker on the map */ markerCrashText = "Crash with bots"; /* text of the token */ minrespectKilledBoat = 50; / * number of respect per bot */ maxrespectKilledBoat = 100; / * number of respect per bot */ alertCrashEnabled = 1; / * enable text notification */ alertCrashTitle = "crash with bots"; / * Header crash */ alertCrashContent = "Group bots suffered a crash. It is still possible to find something valuable"; /* Content of the crash */ Also you can configure the loot: class crashLoot Take for example adding a new weapon class bots weaponBots weapon 7 [] = {"LG_Mk 200_F", "200Rnd_65x39_case_Box", 5}; 1 parameter-weapon class 2 parameter-store class Parameter 3 - the number of stores Accordingly, you will need to add to the weaponBotsPrimary [] = {"weapon 1", "weapon 2", "weapon 3", "weapon 4", "weapon 5", "weapon 6", " weapon7"}; Similar with secondary weapons and weapons for the crate. Hope you enjoy )
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    @IGS Apex - Not quite true in your statement. If you have multiple things loading and it crashes, you MUST remove one item at a time. Thus why I said to 'start at the beginning'. The advice I gave is sound and solid. It is general advice, as no one 'here' see what is actually happening but you, thus the 'general' advice. It is advice you REALLY need to follow. The backing up before any changes are made as well as after changes probably the most important point. I am glad that you did get it fixed though! And if you had followed my advice, you would have noticed that your server was working UNTIL InfiSTAR was installed, showing EXACTLY where the problem was, in this case InfiSTAR. Following my advice WOULD HAVE shown you where the error lie. As a note too, you DID HAVE OTHER MODS running - InfiSTAR. InfiSTAR IS a mod! Regardless, I am glad it is working for you now!
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    I already have the same stuff added to my description.ext from the last version i installed ([3.2.1] - 2019-01-31) Thanks for your help dude
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    Unfortunately I checked all the mods, and disabled the CBA, I see the server but it still doesn't work! Thanks for your interest, but I'm still on the high seas. My Mission MP contains several connections, but it seems strange that when they update, always skip the servers, yet it would suffice don't change codes, commas and / or names, instead for a small thing they go "in the air", years of work. If I can provide files, tell me what you need and I'll post it! Thanks!
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    If you use DMS you can do this in the config. DMS_PlayerNotificationTypes = [ "dynamicTextRequest", //"standardHintRequest", //"textTilesRequest" "systemChatRequest" //"ExileToasts" ];
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    Hmm ...... mine looks like this: And I bet that nobody can join without the 6 on the server installed -mod anyway. What @Z80CPU mentioned is the point ........ no mod without a key in the keyfolder. The other side is the start bat ...... at the moment where your mods are in the -mod section, they are mandatory for any player. If not, something different is fucked up.
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    does some one have a player staturs bar whit install intruction that works whit 1.0.4?
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    Since Arma 3 1.90, there's a missing definition widthRailWay in RscMapControl To fix, search for alphaFadeEndScale = 0.4; in the mission file and underneath it add:- widthRailWay = 1;
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    Amazing Server! great staff team! mods work brilliantly. FPS Is great! loads of missions! loads of loot! could literally never get bored of this server! Great work MGT!!
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    Amazing server, fantastic FPS, balanced game play, love the community, good staff, daily changes/updates Would recommend this server to anyone wanting to start on a mill exile server
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    First few hours playing, very good fps and lovely set of mods being used. Recommended for new players.
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    Hello All! I have been given so much help from the Arma community, I thought I would give back something. It's not much, but it's my first custom map/mission. There were no functional mission files available to Tembelan, so I had to learn how to create one of my own. Thankfully, many people out there have shared enough wisdom to have any kind of server you wish. My hats off to those who have shared, helped, guided, or contributed in some way. Many of you have taught me a lot. Thanks. Here's my first github, and mission file: https://github.com/RR-Bujinkan/Tembelan-Mission-File PS edit- This mission requires Tembelan Island Mod. I have Reworked the mission file and now have nothing but dudes and signs for easy integration.
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    Really nice job mate i just noticed wenn i wass wanting to download it for my other server your link is now only for premium users so people cant download it. than i look in my trash bin and found your file. i uploaded it on my forum so people can still download it http://www.peopleofrandomnations.eu/wp-content/uploads/wpforo/default_attachments/1530961011-radiation.zip
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    There should be a folder called configs with basic.cfg and BEserver.cfg and server.cfg inside it, if you have a control panel use the text editor to change it, mine it at the bottom of the page.
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    _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Welcome to Armax Exile Napf PvP! Visit our Web Page: https://a3armax.wordpress.com Join our Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/ArmaxExile Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/aGRW4E8 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Welcome, dear player! Want to tell you some words about our server! Armax provides realistic style of hardcore, military simulation and survival gameplay. It has much interesting stuff, friendly community and always active admins! We are working hard on our server, every time upgrading it and fixing all appearing bugs! We always listen to our players about possible server improvements and make their dreams come true! Join our server right now and get an unforgettable experience of playing on it! DarkViper, Server Owner/Head Admin _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Our server is using the following mods: *Exile Mod* *CBA_A3* *CUP Terrains – Core* *CUP Terrains – Maps* *Napf Island A3* *CUP Vehicles* *CUP Weapons* *CUP Units* *Enhanced Movement* *Extended_Base_Mod* _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We have a lot of features on our server: *We often hold a lot of different events on the server!* *We constantly improve our server!* *Server has its own economy!* *Custom-made map, secret locations, military zones in each spawn zone!* *Tanks, APCs, Combat Helicopters, Planes!* *Rocket launchers available at armory trader!* *New awesome custom trader zones!* *A lot of weapons by CUP available at trader!* *Mission systems like DMS, ZCP, Roaming AI!* *+ 10 Custom-Made Dynamic missions!* *Pay due notifications!* *Mobile XM8 Support to receive notifications about base raid!* *Enigma Revive System! You can revive you team mates using Defibrillator!* *Anti-Theft System! Noone can steal your vehicle in the Trader Zone!* *Dynamic Weather! It’s changed randomly by the server, making the game more atmospheric!* *Vehicle claiming! You can claim ownership of any non-persistent vehicle, using a Сode Lock!* *Vector Building! You can rotate your base objects in any direction!* *Service Points! You can Repair/Rearm your vehicle!* *Base Respawn! You can Respawn in your own territory every 5 minutes!* *A lot of apps for XM8 like *StatsBar*, *BRAmaRecipes*, *CHVD* and more!* *Sling Loading, Rope Towing, Helicopter Rappeling and Urban Rappeling!* *R3F System. You can load a crate into a vehicle and sell it on the Trader Zone!* *Kill Messages System! Shows information about kills on the screen!* *And much more!* _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Our server has the following rules: General Rules: Ignorance of the server rules does not absolve you from liability! A player breaking the rules is not an excuse for you to break the rules! Accusing someone for breaking any of the server rules, always needs to be backed up by video or screenshot proof! Severity of the punishment for breaking server rules is decided by the Head Admin! False accusations towards players or admins will result in a permanent ban! Never tell an admin what to do, we make decisions ourselves! Impersonating admins will result in a permanent ban! Admin decisions are final! No Hacking, Scripting, Glitching, you will be permanently banned! No Exploiting, Duping, Grieving, you also will be permanently banned! No Racism, Nationalism, Sexual comments, Health threats or Life insults! No Combat Logging! No Bug using! Trader Zone Rules: No Shooting, Blowing, or making any loud noise! No stealing any stuff that is not yours! No ramming vehicles! No vehicles inside the trader and near the traders! No destruction of trader objects! No destruction of vehicles! No blocking players or using any way of trolling! No leaving a crate within a trader zone! No PvP within 750 meters of the Trader Zone! No camping! Side-Chat Rules: No racist, vulgar, and mental/physical based comments! No offensive or humiltaing comments! No disputing! No voice in Side-Chat! Building Rules: A base, breaking any of these rules, will be deleted! No building in millitary zones! No building in cities/towns/villages! No building on any roads! You can use single buildings such as houses/barns/sheds! No placing a base flag into any object! No sky-base building! No flying bases! No building within 1500 meters of a trader zone! No building within 1250 meters of a spawn-zone! No building within 1000 meters of a contaminated zone! No building within 750 meters of a cement mixer! No building within 500 meters of a boat trader! Compensation Rules: No compensation without screenshot or video proof! Compensation is only possible if you lost your stuff due to Arma 3 or Server Bug! No compensation in other cases! Conclusion: Respect Admins and players! Be friendly and try to talk to other players now and then! Play fair! Send suggestions to Head Admin about possible server improvements! Report to Head Admin if you have found a bug! Always ask your question in-game or in discord if you have one! Contact Head Admin to get free group channel on discord! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ How to join our server? The best and easiest way to connect to our server and start playing is using A3Launcher! It will automatically download all required mods! 1. Download A3Launcher from here: *A3Launcher* 2. Make the installation! 3. Open A3Launcher, type “Armax” in server searching line! 4. Click ► and A3Launcher will download all server’s mods! _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ *Join our server right now and test all our features yourself!* Enjoy playing!
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    I am not talking about adding weapons with a script. I'm asking about whether or not the use of Armas Dynamic Loadout system can be used in exile.
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    BlurGaming is back and nice script old but gold http://opendayz.net/threads/blur-gaming-custom-spawn-tutorial.9785/
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