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    Dynamic Air Patrol Event: This script creates an air patrol event in which a random plane is spawned, flies around for a few minutes before an interceptor launches and chases the patrol. Once down, a Quick Reaction Force chopper launches to search for survivors and secure the site. This is the base mission from @John. It has been modified to run until it successfully launches a rescue mission, has been optimized to reduce impact on performance, and had several issues corrected that were causing some problems. Also added in the ability to customize for your specific content (easy to change out patrols, interceptors, and loot helis), new AI logic, some special effects and a few other features. Enjoy! Features - Highly customizable, you can modify it to use any content - Randomized content, different mission and experience every time. - Cool way to offer heli’s as loot (Version 1.4) - Added code to reset if rescue heli is shot down - Added option to protect rescue heli until it lands - Added option to run without Exile - Added delay before QRF launches - Minor code corrections (Version 1.3) - Helicopter is now only persistent after someone jumps in - Script will now pause until a player joins the server - Debug is now on by default to verify its working (Version 1.2) - Added option to turn off interceptor - Added random amounts of cash (poptabs) to AI - Added option to make helicopter persistent vehicle with code - If not persistent, Vehicle Claim Script should work for most vehicles (Version 1.1) - Script will now auto clean markers and old mission site once a player jumps in the helicopter - Script now runs continuously - Optimized some code (Version 1.0) - Offers a highly randomized mission and experience - Can be easily customized for any custom content or equipment/vehicle mod - Should work on any map Link to GitHub <=- Download from here Installation 1. Copy the folder "DAPE" to the root of your mission folder (ex. Exile.Altis) 2. Edit your init.sqf in the root of your mission folder and add the following line to the bottom: [] execVM "DAPE\DAPE.sqf"; // Dynamic Air Patrol Mission Re-PBO your mission file and you're good to go. Credits: Thanks to @John for his "Dynamic Air Patrol / Interceptor Event" script. This was the original inspiration and the basis for this code. IF YOU USE MY SCRIPTS: Please post a cool screenshot and where you are in the world, I’m always curious who actually plays with these little toys I make.
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    love this map the colours are so refreshing runs smooth best of all its an mgt sever
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    Nice smooth server performance I've had some great fun on the MGT servers if you want a decent place to play this is it!
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    Arma 3 "Contact" Dev branch map Custom Missions unique to MGT, over 80 mission types with custom clearup code Radiation zone mission 4 working convoy missions ZCP Capture point missions (domination) Custom mafia missions (Blckeagles) DayZ style helicrashes AI to hunt camping players Developed and balanced daily, Changelogs >> https://bit.ly/2M1b24M Xm8 skills system, bought with respect Sharp Shooter reduces weapon sway and recoil Survivalist allows you to go longer without eating or drinking, it also enables faster healing Sprinter skill enables you to run faster Thief enables faster vehicle stealing Hacker enables faster safe hacking Engineer reduces time needed for grinding Mechanic enables faster vehicle repairing Demo enables faster placing of breaching charges Locksmith enables unlocking of doors and safes in your own base without having to enter pincode UAV Reduces the time between player scans in Xm8 Valet enables you to unlock and lock vehicles from the inside as long as you know the pincode Bandolier gives you extra ammunition in your spawn loadout Martyr enables the option to drop a live explosive of increasing damage on your body when you're killed Swimmer skill enables you to swim faster Handyman enables faster repairing of constructions damaged by breaching charges Stealth makes you less visible to AI infiSTAR development server so has latest protection/definitions Custom anti trader-camping code Vehicle trader menu will show how many crates can be loaded Custom incoming missile alert system for vehicles https://bit.ly/2mU2SAc Custom standalone loot system for faster loot spawning and weapons spawn with a compatible scope, developed separately The ability to get back into purchased DLC vehicles ingame without the DLC (still has prompts to purchase DLC on screen) Trader zone vehicle collision and theft prevention Lock vehicle from inside within traders MarXet trader Roaming waste dump trader Black market traders for high end vehicles and weapons Extended bullet cam timer for long sniper shots 74 custom flags including the tribute to Acer https://www.mgtrolls.eu/forum/m/12045571/viewthread/23853972-mgt-arma-3-exile-mod-rolling-changelog/post/136259509#p136259509 3km 3d party marker range Build a temporary base https://bit.ly/2M29tnl Players can poop and pee Advanced Urban rappelling, rope required Spawn at base Harvest respect from trees Locker limit increases with respect Loot destroyed vehicles https://bit.ly/2R4maAA Claim land vehicles with a codelock CS Gas grenades (SmokeShellGreen) Bury dead bodies without a shovel Extra quiet earplugs No thermals of any kind Extended base mod Vector Building (extended base mod vectoring working) Respect base loadouts Custom Logistics, towing, lifting and crate loading/selling Revive players without the need for defibrillators Automatic parachute from air vehicles Perks for streamers - apply at https://bit.ly/2LNzoSH Quad or boat deploy on Xm8, you can pack the quad for use later by scrolling on it Ingame K/D scoreboard in escape menu Many custom vehicles with edited weapons for server balance Armed vehicle rearming at gas stations Anti combat log system Virtual garage through Xm8 or flag Remote CCTV through Xm8 Disable environment sounds Xm8 app Player and vehicle scan Xm8 apps Most wanted bounty system through Xm8 View distance Xm8 app Private chat Xm8 app Buy parachute via Xm8 Territory protection from breaching, grinding, safe hacking and flag stealing for new players 100k Starting poptabs and a balanced economy Abandon Territory enabling you to get a flag returned Player wages every 5 minutes - We did this first! Custom cleanup to keep fps high Mods required Exile (now on Steam Workshop \o/) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1487484880 mozzie mod http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1193266277 Extended Base Mod http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=647753401 NIArsenal http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1208517358 TRYK's Multi-Play Uniform's pack http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=779520435 CUP Weapons http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=497660133 CUP Vehicles http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=541888371 CUP Units http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=497661914 Community Base Addons http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=450814997 LRR Silenced - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=913313075 Optional mods Blastcore JSRS Dragonfyre Dynasound2
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    Great new Exile server on the new map. I've had loads of fun playing on other MGT servers and its high quality standards. Dave actively listens to player feedback and is constantly making adjustments to make the playing experience best for everyone.
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    https://www.firedaemon.com/product/firedaemon-pro https://www.firedaemon.com/product/firedaemon-fusion
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    Built on DMS_Version: "September 7, 2017" - Bandit Mission Pack V 4.0 - Mines & Launchers edition I started just making one new mission.... I ended up recoding them all! Basically better formatted, smaller and better thought out code which gives you more control over more variations, and what's more I tried (probably not very well) to explain it all so you can make your own. I DONT claim to be an expert, I just keep trying until it works and I understand a bit more which is why I changed so much of the code. Thanks to @CEN for testing since my client is really buggered, @Defent and @eraser1 for DMS, @second_coming for Occupation (and I borrowed some code which was better than mine - listed in How To document) and to @BlackheartsGaming for helping with adding cash into vehicles. Updated June 2018 > V4.0 - Release Now with rocket and mine chance - mines cleaned on mission win Mines clear up on mission win Big tidy on code to make it more easy to edit Missions should automatically over ride DMS configuration file settings For upgrading with standard (non-edited) versions of these missions just replace the mission.sqf files Please report any bugs as there are so many possible combinations/permutations that I cant test every single possible mission Updated 01 November 2017 > V3.5 - Release Updated 14 March 2017 > V3.1 - Release Updated 10 March 2017 > V3.1 - Release Updated 16 July 2016 > V3.0 - Release Updated 14 June 2016 > V2.0 - Release Updated 12 April 2016 > V1.1 - Release Updated 01 March 2016 > V1.0 - Release ******************************************************* Download includes instructions on installation, instructions on how I attempted to code it (so everyone else can have a go), and of course, the files themselves: all my scripts/missions are on GiThub available at: https://github.com/redned70 and have removed direct downloads Its not overly complicated to install but you need to follow instructions (as long as I documented them correctly) Update V4.0 > notes below but now you get 36 missions giving 144 difficulty variations and more random loot and also a choice of vehicles which are randomly chosen for permanent vehicles plus chances of persistent and non persistent vehicles. Total is in the 10's of thousands off variations! I have updated the instructions and added in a change log and also a description of how the vehicle choice/persistence is done inside the how it works file. Please give constructive feedback (and detailed bug reports) as this was a lot bigger job than I expected but decided to finish it completely with every mission I had. ******************************************************* Installing. 1. Copy contents of this folder>/missions/bandit/ into a3_dms.pbo /missions/bandit/ , you can remove old missions. 2. Copy contents of this folder>/objects/ into a3_dms.pbo /objects/ , you do not have to replace any already in there (files dont go in the static folder) 3. Extract main config.sqf 4. Find DMS_BanditMissionTypes = 5. Replace current list of missions between [] or add in the new ones, this is mine as i balanced the new missions the same as their stock mission using 3 as normal mission priority (you dont really need the old versions of any of the Bandit missions as they are all replaced in this file). DMS_BanditMissionTypes = [ // List of missions with spawn chances. If they add up to 100%, they represent the percentage chance each one will spawn ["bandits",3], ["bauhaus",3], ["beertransport",3], ["behindenemylines",3], ["blackhawkdown",3], ["cardealer",3], ["construction",3], ["donthasslethehoff",3], ["foodtransport",3], ["guntransport",3], ["humanitarian",3], ["lost_battalion",3], ["medical",3], ["mercbase",2], ["mercenaries",3], ["nedbandit1_mission",3], ["nedbuilding1_mission",3], ["nedcar_mission",4], ["nedcashbandits_mission",3], ["neddrinkstransport_mission",4], ["nedguns1_mission",3], ["nedhatchback_mission",3], ["nedhuey_mission",2], ["nedhunter_mission",2], ["nedifrit_mission",2], ["nedlittlebird_mission",2], ["nedmedical1_mission",3], ["nedoffroad_mission",3], ["nedresearch_mission",3], ["nedsnipercamp_mission",3], ["nedstrider_mission",2], ["nedbtrader_mission",2], ["nedural_mission",3], ["roguenavyseals",3], ["thieves",3], ["walmart",3] ]; 6. Repack config.sqf and folders into PBO 7. Put a3_dms.pbo back into /@ExileServer/addons/ on server and start. No BE or InfiSTAR additions apart from what you installed to run DMS. this will not run without DMS. Configuration advice in the "How it works" file in zip. If you want to help share more missions then drop me a line. enjoy As I agreed to have content included in the bas DMS files on GitHub the following now is in effect. License Overview: This work is protected by Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0). By using, downloading, or copying any of the work contained, you agree to the license included. DMS by Defent and eraser1 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
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    Hello, 3 Trader Cities Boat Traders Aircraft Traders Map Markers Concrete Mixers http://www.filedropper.com/2035_1
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    LIVE SCOREBOARDS Hey guys this is my first release for Exile Mod. I was not sure where to put it but i think scripts is the correct sub section. This is a server side script that allows you to put live scoreboards in Exile. You can use it to also put custom messages but you will have to figure out how to do that yourself. I have made a GitHub repository so please feel free to contribute, report bugs or fork it and do as you please with it. The installation instructions are on the GitHub page and all the info regarding the script will be updated there. GitHub Repository : https://github.com/ivaylosp/message_boards
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    Fun if you're new to exile, stuff is very easy to get and a lot of PvP
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    will do as works for altis not sure yet for cherno but will try later
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    im just wanting to use the script on altis and cherno
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    Add these functions to your remoteExec or CfgremoteExec to fix this issue. class rhs_fnc_ss21_effects { allowedTargets=0; }; class rhs_fnc_ss21_nuke_fx_smoke { allowedTargets=0; }; class rhs_fnc_ss21_nuke_fx_light { allowedTargets=0; }; class rhs_fnc_ss21_nuke_fx_shockwave { allowedTargets=0; }; class rhs_fnc_ss21_nuke_fx_postprocessing { allowedTargets=0; }; class rhs_fnc_ss21_nuke_fx_damage { allowedTargets=0; };
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    it's looking great. unfortunately it not works on Malden map. Can I ask for help?
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    Hello @Mananator, In your mission folder, BY DEFAULT, you will see two files: InitPlayerLocal.Sqf and InitServer.Sqf. These are the 2 files where you add EVERYTHING that you want on the map. Do your research, as this question HAS BEEN ASKED BEFORE and the tools you need to do this are mentioned as well as there being a video on the use of one of the tools (at 1 time).
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    Server is really good, FPS is Top, weapon and loot is balance. They made nice improvements on the feeling of the game, this is the best server i have play to get that arma 2 epoch feeling and it's well militarized. I'm a returning exile players i'm in love ! 5/5 MGT
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    @aussie battler I tried that and it still deletes it. After further investigation I found that it happens anywhere, doesn't have to be a safe zone. Once you get out of the vehicle that you are using to tow the towed vehicle vanishes. I love the performance of Occupation but this one little problem is killing it. Right now I am running Occupation for crate missions and disabling the roaming AI and then using A3XAI for roaming and the problem stopped but A3XAI bogs down the server. Gonna give FUMS a try and see if it handles better. Thanks for your help.
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    Arma barely runs on most PC's, how it would run on a phone is beyond me It could possibly be done somehow with a dll to remoteExec export a screen shot from the camera (somehow) to a webserver, but I doubt it could handle video
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    EDIT as server has been changed. Server is really well optimized, and whenever anything new comes out in the dev branch they are added almost instantly by the owner. Discord is very active, very easy to get admin assistance (they are super helpful too!). Overall I'd recommend this server to anyone, frames are really high and the key points of the map such as Bandit trader, normal trader, air trader and spawns are all in very good thought out locations. 10/10
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    Hello, 3 Trader Cities Boat Traders Aircraft Trader Map Markers Concrete Mixers http://www.filedropper.com/exilechernarus
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    3 Trader Cities Boat Traders Russian Roulette Concrete Mixers (in Safezone) https://ufile.io/nqogl
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    Exile Server Management Tool --------------------------------------------- This tool is an All-In-One server management tool. It will: Replace PBO's upon restart. When the tool is started for the first time, it will automatically create folders in your server directory. No more need to sit and wait around for a restart to replace some files. This tool will wait until restart before updating the files. - MPMissions_New - When compiling a new mission file PBO, place it in this folder. When the server restarts, this pbo will automatically be moved into the MPMissions folder, causing it to automatically load the new mission file for the next restart. - MPMissions_Backup - Every file that is being replaced, is first moved to this folder. That way, it can be easier to perform a rollback when needed. - Addons_New - PBO's that have to end up in the @ExileServer\addons\ folder are to be placed in here, next restart they will be moved into the live server folder. - Addons_Backup - Every file that is being replaced, is first moved to this folder. That way, it can be easier to perform a rollback when needed. Easy Mod Selection The GUI makes it easy to select which mods you want to load, using checkboxes. When a checkbox is ticked, and the server is loaded, the tool will automatically import the needed bikey files. It will also make sure that no unwanted keys are still in that folder. There is also an -allowedkeys folder. Place bikey files in here that are allowed clientside, but are not running on the server (e.g. DynaSound, JSRS, ...) Contents of this folder will be imported on every restart as well! Easy Mod Access Option to add mods straight from the workshop, with a list of the most popular mods preloaded, and the ability to add mods manually by using their Steam Workshop ID. SteamCMD Workshop updates for mods, with an option to check for updates after every restart. The tool loads the mods from the steamapps folder, instead of having to copy/move all the files into the server directory. It will however also check the server folder, to find mods that are not on the Steam Workshop. Compatibility for both x86 and x64 server instances. Built-in MissionPrefetchServer for A3L This tool will allow you to select your missionfile and it will launch MissionPrefetchServer.exe in the background on every restart. How to use: 1. Requirements: You need SteamCMD installed. The app will run without SteamCMD installed, just point it to your Steam folder if running on your own PC, but keep in mind that it won't be able to update any mods that are on the Steam workshop. 2. First Use: - On first use, the tool will ask you to point it to the server folder (where arma3server.exe is located) and to the SteamCMD folder. Select both and it should find all installed mods on your PC/server. - Check the settings on the main window, fill out steam login, password, arma profile name (default is SC if you used the restart batch that comes with Exile), server port, ... - If you want to use MissionPrefetchServer, then select the missionfile you're running !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IMPORTANT PART !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3. CHOOSING MODS - Some mods are only running server side (@ExileServer, @Marma, ...) and you want to load those as servermods! Right click these mods in the left table and set them as servermod. This will make them disappear from the list, and will load them serverside instead! - Mods that you want to have all clients running, need to be checked. Make sure you have the correct mods selected. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4. Final Setup - Check the server logs checkbox if you want server logs to be enabled! If you're sure your server is running without issues, you don't really need this but I leave it on for debug purposes at all times. - Auto Update Mods will make it so SteamCMD checks for updates for ALL SELECTED MODS. It used to be ALL mods in the left table, but my list kept growing and an update before a restart ended up taking around 9 minutes, so I changed it to just check for updates for the selected mods. - LAST BUT NOT LEAST: As soon as tick Auto Restart, your server will boot and automatically reboot when it shuts down. KEEP IN MIND: this tool does not take care of automated restarts, it is still the EXILE SCRIPT that forces the server to shutdown. This tool notices when the server exe sropped and just reboots it! 5. SAVE YOUR SETTINGS OR THEY WILL BE LOST AFTER RESTARTING THE TOOL! (I've messed with auto save and it fucks up from time to time so I took it out again) CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD SCAN: https://www.virustotal.com/nl/file/ffb90a1cd7f70e09c89775955ced608314137ce0de140e0105c518a824956b5d/analysis/1497094215/ Click me for ReadMe.txt Please post any issues in this thread and I'll try to fix it asap
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    Ive come and gone in the past .. not my first rodeo . when your a one man show .. makes it harder to cope with the bs
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    yeah thats right you need this _kills = ExileClientPlayerKills; _deaths = ExileClientPlayerDeaths; and this after _minutes _dir,_hours, _minutes, _kills, _deaths then you have to add it to the status bar as this <t shadow='1' shadowColor='#000000' color='%15'><img size='1.0' shadowColor='#000000' image='addons\statusbar\icons\kill.paa' color='%10'/> %20</t> <t shadow='1' shadowColor='#000000' color='%15'><img size='1.0' shadowColor='#000000' image='addons\statusbar\icons\death.paa' color='%10'/> %21</t> see that minutes variable is %19, from there the 2 next %20 for kills and %21 for deaths make icons for that or delete <img size='1.0' shadowColor='#000000' image='addons\statusbar\icons\kill.paa' color='%10'/> and place kills like this <t shadow='1' shadowColor='#000000' color='%15'>Kills:%20</t>
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