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    Yeah, we've got asked to publish the "wipe" announcement by some server owners so they can explain the wipe to their players. That was a mistake, that we will not make again. Please excuse the inconvenience. However, we cannot "speed up". We already spend every free minute into Exile. I guess this is our life now
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    Just in case someone is using the TRYK Clothing mod pack and needs the classnames here they are, i have went through all the configs and pulled what i could find. This list is about 600 lines long so have fun with them they are cool also if i have missed something in the mod and you know the classname post it here and i will add it to the list, if you dont know the classname but know its in the pack and i dont have it listed let me know i will try to find it.
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    Simple Script. requires editing 2 files in the server.pbo Basically if the victim is too close to a trader zone, The killer gets negative points. For the sake of the easily offended, I've removed/censored some choice 4 letter words beginning with F and C from my functions/messages ExileServer_system_process_preInit.sqf add isTraderCampingC = { private["_position","_radius","_isNearby"]; _position = _this; _radius = 600; // set this to whatever range you like _isNearby = false; { if (getMarkerType _x == "ExileTraderZone") then { if ((getMarkerPos _x) distance2D _position < _radius) exitWith {_isNearby = true;}; }; } forEach allMapMarkers; _isNearby }; just above private["_MySql"]; next... ExileServer_object_player_event_onMpKilled.sqf add if ((getPosATL _victim) call isTraderCampingC) then { _addKillStat = false; _addDeathStat = false; _fragAttributes pushBack "Trader Camping C***"; _killerRespectPoints pushBack ["TRADER CAMPING C***", -100]; // change the -100 to whatever score you wish to set };just above if (_victim getVariable["ExileIsBambi", false]) then { _addKillStat = false; _addDeathStat = false; _fragAttributes pushBack "Bambi Slayer"; _killerRespectPoints pushBack ["BAMBI SLAYER", (getNumber (configFile >> "CfgSettings" >> "Respect" >> "Frags" >> "bambi"))]; }save files, re-pbo it and upload. not providing additional support, I just seen some people complaining about trader camping on these forums, and thought my deterrent might help some admins. enjoy
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    Firstly, sorry for English. This small package models from Arma 2 ported specifically for Exile. It was originally planned only 2-3 models, but the process is was a little tightened and began to expand the list of veh. Here's a list of what im are working at the moment(not everything is ready at 100%, something is necessary to fix the animation, lights, doors, and other little things) -AN-2 -Datsun (maybe)* -Gaz Vodnik -Gaz Volha -HMMWV -Ikarus -Jackall -Lada / LadaLM -Land Rover -MV22 -Octavia (maybe)* -SCUD (maybe)* -Skodovka (maybe)* -SUV -SUV Armored -Tractor -Tractor old -UH1H -Ural -V3S -VWGolf (maybe)* * - not sure if this model is needed. Some pics/vids will be later. All this takes a big chunk of time and effort, thanks for understanding that. If you have any suggestions - do not hesitate to express.
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    Hi guys, I thought id share my customization I and others have made - I have tried to add some comments on the code that I changed, disclaimer, I am no expert so if anything can be made more efficient let me know. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3Kc7UYYIGMbTk16eGJuWkxtNHM/view?usp=sharing These overwrites will do the following - 1. Add a 10% respect loss on player death 2. Add a criteria of 50% of the item being purchased from the trader required in respect - Respect is not deducted on purchase 3. Reduce the healing threshold to > 80% hunger and thirst and make the hunger and thirst appear green when "hhealing", ie when both values are above 80% 4. Add an advanced repair system, requires 1 junk metal and 1 ductape, adds an animation to repairing the vehicle 5. Reduces the sale amount of items to 20% of their purchase price, and ensures the values are displayed correctly on both the player and the wastedump 6. Unlocks vehicles in trader zones on server reset To install. Fine the exilecfgcustomcode in your config.cpp and make it look like this Then, place all the files in the zip into a "overwrites" folder inside your mission file Then repack, and your good to go! Enjoy.
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    Can you guys add something like this, so that we who are creating are own traders, AI stronghold and other things can add some nice surroundings to it. Arma's Nature http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=24184 This addon is 1 mb big, it makes so you can add trees, rocks, bushes etc. to your map. And yes we can add it our self, but it's only 1 mb and it adds a nice option to the editor.
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    Haven`t seen a post thanking the devs for all the hard work they do, all i see is moan moan moan THANK YOU DEVS YOU ARE DOING A WONDERFULL JOB
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    I'd recommend trying out Map Builder instead. M3Editor is nice for quick and easy building additions but Map Builder is a little more functional. It can access more things as well, like rocks, trees, HMS Proteus, the Trawler.. I've been using it and it is slower than M3Editor but you can do more with it. https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/177323-map-builder-ingame-3d-editor-for-terrain-creation/
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    Did you even look what it was before you answered. I use M3Editor to make my map addons, but you can't add "nature" in arma 3.
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    Guys you do know other game have just Been released, I'm guessing a lot is playing fallout
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    Last Thursday in November.... This is post no. XXX about releasing the update, jesus guys.... C'mon, be patient, Exile Devs does this for free, stop demanding shit!!!
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    awesome feature! must have in this mod
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    Sounds like it's time for a new complex password
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    I really dont think this is going to be that big of an issue cause how many people do you know that are going to give up just because they have a bounty on them? The answer is NONE so unless they have a way to subdue the bounty in "less than lethal" ways i dont think this is going to be used a lot.
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    hostile NPC element: Mutant hillbilly cannibals far more realistic than zombies p.s. driving the general lee
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    I have yet to see zeds in any A3 mod that even come close to what they were in A2. There is addon script for it but the admin tried them and they just didn't cut it. You'd be better off with roaming Ai over zeds until someone comes up with a good zombie script. Even a small pack of wild dogs or animals would be better than zeds.
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    You can, and here: BaseServer.sqf false, // Enable FuMS missions to run on the main server. - Change that to true.
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    Create some vehicles with lockable storage. This could be a trunk of a car, utility chests of a truck, or even rear heli space. Then you don't have to shoot someone for being near your car and trying to steal from it as soon as you unlock it to get in. Plus, you can give someone a ride without them robbing you.
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    LootTable.h LootTableCompiler Download these files. Create a Folder named ExileLootPrecompiler and but the downloaded files in it. Open notepad++ and copy this line in it "LootTableCompiler.exe" "z:\arma3 test\ExileLootPrecompiler\LootTable.h" "z:\arma3 test\ExileLootPrecompiler\CfgLootTables.hpp"Change the path to were you have made the folder with the files in it and save it as loot.bat also in that folder. Now you have three things in you folder called ExileLootPrecompiler LootTable.h LootTableCompiler.exe Loot.bat Double click on Loot.bat and it generates a CfgLootTables.hpp in your created folder ExileLootPrecompiler Open it and copy and replace the content of this file in config.cpp in your exile_server_config.pbo after this part class Land_Research_HQ_F and before class CfgSettings { And then your loot table should look like this with mass weapons !!!
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    Here you go try this https://github.com/rscaptainjack/EXTRAS/tree/master/Vehicle GodMode I have not tested this but should be working Place them into exile_server\code in server addons part
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