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    @Razor77 @Bob_the_K @Sir_Joker @Dead Pool join EXO's TS tomorrow and i'll try to help you after 5 PM gmt+2. AFK at the moment and will not be back until tomorrow Join ts.exo-servers.com and ask for me, might be in a hidden channel
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    Xbrm by: oSoDirty Credits to w4rgo for original lockpicking idea. Credits to the Exile team for the badass codelock UI I use. What this does is allow players to lockpick safes, doors, and gates. It also allows players to rig their safes with persistent explosive to protect their assets from raiders. These explosives can be discovered and defused as well. As is, knives are used to lockpick and mine detectors are used to scan and defuse rigged safes. Failed attempts to lockpick consume the knife, failed attempts to defuse cause the explosive to detonate and also consume the mine detector. A successful attempt to lockpick will unlock the door or safe and you will keep the knife. The doors/safes are also set unlocked in the database and will remain unlocked until they're locked by someone with the code. A successful defusal will award the raider with the explosive used to rig the safe, make the safe, safe for lockpicking, and will not consume the mine detector. Attempting to lockpick a rigged safe will result in the explosive detonating and killing any raider within 10 - 15 meters as long as their in plain view of the safe. The explosion only harms the players, not base objects. If in game, territory owner/members are notified via toast with a message and the base's grid coords when each door/gate/safe is attempted and once again if the attempt is successful. Raiding attempts, failures, and successes are also logged in the database to help catch any fishy activity. Example - new player has 100 knifes and raiding every base in sight = duper caught... By default, wood constructions have a 5 min lockpicking time with a 50% success rate, fortified wood constructions have a 7.5 min lockpicking timer and a 40% success rate, and concrete constructions/safes have a 10 min lockpicking timer and a 30% success rate. Explosive scanning has a 100% accuracy rate and takes only a few seconds, from there you are given an option to attempt defusal. Defusal takes 1 min and has a 50% success rate. Everything from what is used, timers, success rates, and some messages given can be configured in Xbrm_config.sqf. NOTE: I don't recommend changing the lockpicking and scanning items if you don't know what you're doing, this can cause the script to not properly remove or recognize the items as some items are recognized as items, some magazines, and some as either or. Download HERE Installation is in readme. Don't mind the progress bar being off in the defusal bit of the video, this was due to being in debug to speed up timer, though a fix has been implemented to automatically adjust for any setting.
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    So just found out something interesting, and a temporary work around the devs might want to apply. Certain Surfaces do not seem to play well with the vectorup command. Invariably when a vehicle is on one of these surfaces the z element of vectorup is saved to the database as 0. On server restart, when vehicles are loaded from the database it picks up this 0 and spawns the vehicle on it's side. Not sure if its an arma issue or something about the database. I tried to change the "Exileserver_object_vehicle_database_update" file to check if the z element of vectorup result was 0 and set it to 1 before updating the db, but it seemed to have no effect. However, and this will help everyone with issues of disappearing or exploding vehicles, if you modify "ExileServer_object_vehicle_database_load" to include: if ((_vectorUp select 2) == 0) then {_vectorUp set [2,1]}; immediately after the line containing: _vectorUp = [_data select 14, _data select 15, _data select 16]; Whenever the vehicle is loaded from the database with this error, the line above will put the vehicle back on it's wheels when loading it from the DB. PROBLEM SOLVED! And no need to use a vehicle invulnerability script. Since the problem ALWAYS sets the vectorup z axis to 0, and i can't barely even imagine a situation where a vehicle would be saved to the DB exactly on its side, this only addresses the specific issue without creating other problems. I found a way to consistently reproduce the problem, if a dev wants details let me know and i'll provide.
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    Hey where'd ur other face go this face is creeping me out
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    Updated: 27 March 2017, cleaned code and added cash to crate 2nd mission for Tanoa, again it is very light on buildings and just uses a few road blocks so should run easily on servers (its based on the island with the hotel complex on it). Please leave feedback that is constructive. cheers ******************************************************* "Hotel Invasion" static mission for Tanoa. Thanks to jmayr2000 for helping debug and test. Created by [CiC]red_ned using templates by eraser1 17 years of CiC http://cic-gaming.co.uk ******************************************************* For Tanoa only. Running on DMS System v1.0 is hardcore only. v2.1 is multi difficulties with lots of editable functions. ******************************************************* Thanks to @jmayr2000 for helping with testing again. Download from: https://github.com/redned70/DMSStaticMissions Screenshots to follow. ******************************************************* Installing. 1. Copy hotel_invasion.sqf into a3_dms.pbo missions/static 2. Copy hotel_invasion_buildings.sqf into a3_dms.pbo objects/static >>>>>>>>Either<<<<<<<<<<< 3. Extract map_configs/tanoa_config.sqf 4. Add to end // Add the "hotel_invasion" mission to the existing mission types. DMS_StaticMissionTypes append [["hotel_invasion",5]]; // Add the "hotel_invasion_buildings" to spawn on server startup. NOTE: "append" and "pushback" are NOT the same. DMS_BasesToImportOnServerStart append ["hotel_invasion_buildings"]; 5. Repack tanoa_config.sqf into PBO >>>>>>>>OR<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Edit main DMS config.sqf 6. Find DMS_StaticMissionTypes = [ // List of STATIC missions with spawn chances. //["saltflats",1], //<--Example (already imported by default on Altis) //["slums",1] //<--Example (already imported by default on Altis) ]; DMS_BasesToImportOnServerStart = [ // List of static bases to import on server startup (spawned post-init). This will reduce the amount of work the server has to do when it actually spawns static missions, and players won't be surprised when a base suddenly pops up. You can also include any other M3E-exported bases to spawn here. //"saltflatsbase", //<--Example (already imported by default on Altis) //"slums_objects" //<--Example (already imported by default on Altis) ]; replace with DMS_StaticMissionTypes = [ ["hotel_invasion",1] ]; DMS_BasesToImportOnServerStart = [ "hotel_invasion_buildings" ]; 7. Save and repack config into PBO 8. Put a3_dms.pbo into /@ExileServer/addons/ on server and start.
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    Hi, So I suggested to host a webinar in the ExAd thread for people who wants to learn how to write XM8 apps for the ExAd framework but after some consideration I decided that it's probably better if we talk about scripting in ArmA, Exile and ExAd. During this session we will develop a configurable statsbar which will consists on an HUD/overlay on the screen. This bar will display a number of stats components which can be hidden upon clients request and the bar should have several themes the clients can choose from. When the bar is finished we will develop a XM8 app were the client can change the statsbars configuration settings. This webinar will be free of charge and the video will also be published on the ExAd YouTube Channel for scripters who wanna watch it again. Poll is closed and the date is set to 31st of July 2016 at 21:00 (GTM+2) Hope to see you all there. /Jan
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    Ein Ort mit trügerischer Schönheit . Private Millitärs die damit beauftragt sind die Städte von der untoten Plagge zu säubern und gnadenlos alles bekämpfen was sich bewegt und eventuell infiziert sein könnte . Wie willst du überleben ,stellst du dich den Kampf oder wirst du eine Bastion errichten in der dir niemand was anhaben kann .Welchen weg du auch wählst sei gewarnt du wirst immer zwischen den Fronten sein und solltes dich niemals sicher füllen .
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    Its obviously a survival mod, it doesnt become a different genre because you play on shit servers.
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    Anything on this? It is erroring out in one of the functions for some reason. I don't know enough about the code to fix it. edit: I fixed it. You have to paste the init into the init.sqf and the playerlocal.sqf
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    Okay, I will get some logs compiled as well as some screenshots. Appreciate the help to send to others.
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    Sometimes a change in the config files isn't enough, add an extra empty line in a sqf file to force a new reload of the mission file let me know if it helps
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    umm.... i cant remember now... something little to stop a little bug that was showing up for people.... why?
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    If you don't know any then why don't you just say you don't know??
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    And that isn't working for you? Here is an example from my mission.sqm and my zones work fine class Item49 { position[] = {8563.59, 0, 11931.8}; name = "ExileMarker8"; text = ""; markerType = "ELLIPSE"; type = "ExileContaminatedZone"; colorName = "ColorBlack"; fillName = "Border"; a = 450; b = 450; drawBorder = 1; id = 108; atlOffset = 0; }; class Item50 { position[] = {8563.59, 0, 11931.8}; name = "ExileMarker9"; text = ""; type = "ExileContaminatedZoneIcon"; id = 109; atlOffset = 0; };
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    There are a few settings in the fn_init that you can fiddle with that may give you what you are looking for MinSpawnDistance = 25; // Closest distance from any player to spawn a zombie. MaxSpawnDistance = 160; // Max distance a zombie should spawn from a player. _ryanzombieslimit = 160; // Player detection distance in meters In the examples here, the Z's will spawn between 26 and 160 metres from the player and will detect them from that entire zone out to 160m. If you set the _ryanzombieslimit = 50, then Z's will still spawn in the same area, but those that spawn further than 50m will not detect the player and will just stand there until you move within the detection range...
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    I play LoL survival and CSGO survival too i try to survive regardless of the scenario but for real there are 2 sides one side is that exile is officially a survival mod but the other is that unofficially it is not really and we cant explain because its not hardcoded so its up to the server-owners. For me there is no reason to fight for anything on any exile server because u do 2-3 missons and you get like 30k, so u can buy ANYTHING exile has, like u mentioned its like sims everything is just WORTHLESS, just for fun and me and my group already had it with arma 3 epoch since it came out. Epoch was bad working hardcoded monkeypoo but at least every single item was worth looting and storing up in the base ... That is the last thing i miss in exile ^^ ITS MY DREAM One day a hardcore server with good custom scripts and mods will get popular
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    This ^^ Only problem is time in Arma is really broken atm. Have spent (wasted) around 12 hours trying to code something using time, serverTime and just gave up as it's as reliable as a chocolate kettle.
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    I am talking with eraser1 the creator of DMS_Missions_System and we are trying to find a work around to get this working because BI will take forever.
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    Very very nice!! If this is going to be a DMS Mission I'll be all over it!
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    Is the owner Kidesh? Cause he is a bully if so! <3
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    Welcome to our new Survival Server Join it and try to stay alive. U can't buy anything, u have to craft everything! What do u need for this Server: Exile Mod, Chernarus Map (All in Arma Terain Pack), MAS Weapons: "Click Here", Ryan Zombies: "Click Here", RZ Infection: "Click Here",
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    it's almost as if this is a game Bohemia wants to make money on!
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    We have closed this thread and marked it as solved.
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