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    New updates from @GamingAtDeathsDoor Messages for base hacks and halo parachute were broken, now they are exile baguettes. Halo parachute has been changed to Alt+Shift+V due to people looking around, gaining speed and disabling auto vector and auto hover being booted out Virtual Garage now has an option to prevent people storing vehicles while they are in combat. (E.G. Guy takes a rocket while in a tank, stores it to the VG and waits a while to pull it out and repair it) It comes with an Exile Toast telling them they cant store vehicles in combat. Ability to store boats added to the VG (Not hard but some people don't know how to do it) Adjusted the String table to fit in these new messages. https://github.com/Bjanski/ExAd/releases/tag/v0.9.0
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    Hey guys im the creator of voyagerCompass and some people complained they cant open my dialog. This workshop addon is actually a single script these peope have been using. InfiStar requires you to whitelist idds but my dialog is being created without one (no description.ext config..). It is created inside the script.sqf itself. Like this: with uiNamespace do { nc_dialogDisplay = findDisplay 46 createDisplay "RscDisplayEmpty"; }; _display = uiNamespace getVariable "nc_dialogDisplay"; ctrlIDD returns Display #-1. Main Display (46) and -1 are already whitelisted but dont work here. And a titleDisplay is also in use: ("compassTitle" call BIS_fnc_rscLayer) cutRsc ["RscTitleDisplayEmpty", "PLAIN"]; _display = uiNamespace getVariable "RscTitleDisplayEmpty"; Is there a way to whitelist the uiNamespace variable? Or are there other Methods or Whitelists.?
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    Hello there! Since PNG is shutting down, I decided to upload some custom stuff we used online! I hope other server admins will use these aswell so not all my custom work is getting thrown in the trash bin I will try to write the installation instructions as clear as possible Download the DMS missions here! Let's install this shiiiit! You will need DMS (obviously) to run these missions. I've just written all steps, and it may look like it's a lot of work but it's actually quickly done, it's pretty detailed, maybe a bit to much details Download the PBO file Unpack the PBO file In the downloaded PBO file, you will see missions\bandit and inside that folder there will be 29 *.SQF files. Copy these over to your current DMS setup. You will need to paste these files in **YOUR ARMA 3 SERVER ROOT**\@ExileServer\addons\a3_dms\missions\bandit In the downloaded PBO file, you will also find the folder "objects". There will also be 29 *.SQF files in there.Copy these files over to **YOUR ARMA 3 SERVER ROOT**\@ExileServer\addons\a3_dms\objects So now you installed the missions themselves and the objects which are getting spawned by the missions. All you need to do now is activate those missions. Go to your config.sqf in your DMS folder ( **YOUR ARMA 3 SERVER ROOT**\@ExileServer\addons\a3_dms\config.sqf) Search for DMS_BanditMissionTypes (Ctrl + F) You will see a list of your current missions that are running. Now you have 2 options: you can either run my missions only or append them. If you wish to run my missions only, you can completely overwrite DMS_BanditMissionTypes with the following code: If you wish to append my missions, you will need to add them to your current list. You can use the code above and paste them below your current dynamic mission list. Make sure that every line has a comma on the end of the line, except the last line. Repack your folder into a PBO file, and "Klaar is Kees" (ur ready) That's it! You now succesfully installed 29 new dynamic missions! If anyone has any problems installing these missions, post a comment and I'll try to help you out the best I can! If anyone has any recommendations for better install instructions or maybe an updated version of one of my missions, also post a comment and I'll update the original post! Hope you guys have fun with these missions! GolovaRaoul Edit: forgot to mention that the mission "paul_bambi_slide" requires a bambi class defined in config.sqf. If you don't know how to do this, you can simply change the Ai class in the mission to something else, or just remove --> ["paul_bambi_slide",25], <-- from the mission array (step 9). ^^
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    It would be good to be able to save two or three custom loadouts in the database. You could go to a trader, click on, "Save Loadout" and it would store a list of all the equipment you are carrying. From then on, clicking on "Purchase Loadout," would automatically purchase all of the gear in the loadout you saved. If you already have some of the gear on you, you would be sold only the items you're missing from the loadout. It's the equivalent of going to your local pub and asking for 'the usual.' It saves everyone some time and mouse miles.
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    So after switching over to the Chernarus Redux map, I was having problems with loot spawning in the new buildings that where opened up. I used the Exilemod Loot Position Creator mod to manually add positions but was still having no luck. Luckily for me, I was able to get a fix to this after working with NiiRoZz from the Chernarus Redux team. This is a override that needs to be added to your custom code in your configs in your mission folder: class CfgExileCustomCode { //Loot Manager ExileClient_system_lootManager_thread_spawn = "Overrides\ExileClient_system_lootManager_thread_spawn.sqf"; }; Here is the actually override file that you will need to place in your override folder in your mission folder. If you do not have an override folder just create one. https://pastebin.com/EtQXgztu If you find more buildings that do not spawn loot even after using the position creator mod, just add that building class name to line 19 and you will be golden. This by no means is my fix and all create goes to NiiRoZz from the Chernarus Redux team. I only tested it to see if it worked. THREAD UPDATED 10/01/17 TO INCLUDE ALL MEDICAL TENTS, IF I MISSED ONE, PLEASE LET ME KNOW AND I WILL UPDATE. THANK YOU ALSO MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE LOOT POSITIONS FOR THE NEW BUILDINGS ADDED TO SERVER_CONFIG\CONFIG.CPP IF YOU HAVEN'T DONE THAT, THEN YOU WILL NEED TO ADD THEM BY MAKING THEM YOURSELF.
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    So I have been helping a bunch of people in discord and I come across this issue with alot of people. Thought it was about time I created this tutorial on using Exile server along with Tadst so it works properly. If you do not know what TADST is , it stands for Tophe's Arma Dedicated Server Tool So you download the TADST.exe and copy it to your arma3server folder, sameplace your arma3server.exe is. run tadst.exe and you will see a screen like this the first thing you want to do, is have it locate your arma3server.exe click on the ... next to server file and select the arma3server.exe file it will then look something like Next thing, click on the mods tab at the top, and checkmark the mods your using for your server, DO NOT check mark @ExileServer, only checkmark @Exile and any other mods your requiring your players to use. it will look something like this Once you have done this, then click on save, at the bottom underneath Profile. Once saved, your going to click on "Launch as is" which you can see in above screenshot. this will popup Next step is to minimize TADST. go into your @ExileServer folder and copy the config.cfg and basic.cfg, and copy them into your Profile folder in this case we saved it as default so it would be under \TADST\default you then want to rename the 2 files. TADST_config.cfg and TADST_basic.cfg you are renaming them to this, because your commandline is looking for them in TADST Once you have done this, edit your TADST_config.cfg to what settings you want them to be. make sure your template is set to the proper map template = Exile.Altis; //Exile.Altis / Exile.Namalsk / Exile.Tanoa and difficulty = "ExileRegular"; //is set to ExileRegular or ExileHardcore then open TADST again. where you see extra Parameters add "-servermod=@ExileServer" -autoinit you can verify that its added to your commandline, by scrolling over in the parameters section LIKE above. Once you have done this, you should be able to confirm your commandline. -port=2302 "-config=D:\Games\Servers\exile\TADST\default\TADST_config.cfg" "-cfg=D:\Games\Servers\exile\TADST\default\TADST_basic.cfg" "-profiles=D:\Games\Servers\exile\TADST\default" -name=default -filePatching "-mod=@CUP_Terrains_Core;@EBM;@Exile;@Isla_Abramia_A3" "-servermod=@ExileServer" -autoinit you can see from my screenshots, that I did not fill out anything in the server name, password etc. the only tab I use is details for the parameters, and mods tab for choosing the mods. the rest is not used because we are overriding the basic and config.cfg by checking the launch as is box. You should be able to Launch your server now and it should work properly.
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    Is a whole new game mode not new content?
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    For sure.. Im looking forward to making gigantic walls.. Part of the reason I would like them is it keeps the item count down on servers. Not to mention that it looks bad ass.. Another sugjestion I had was roofs that can open? Or disapear?
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    You're right , guess i have to wait for kuplion's release god bless him.
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    RCON Chat only works if there are receivers. Talking in side with 1 players online = no chat. Talking in group with no group members = no chat, talking in direct with noone arround you = no chat, same for vehicle. only Global chat always work i think.
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    Hey guys, so i wanted to know if there is way to enable vehicles like the hemmt medical to have the option of healing players that get close and select the action, it seems like exile disables this. Edit: Also is there any way to increase the 2:00 Minutes time to bleed out?
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    This project cannot be purchased. If we get a significant amount of donations towards keeping the Exile forums and XM8 app running we will release the files to the public. You can donate if you would like but it is not required.
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    Escape was actually coded a year ago by me during a couple days of boredom. My friends liked it so much we opened up a public dev server for a short time. Unfortunately, due to IRL issues, I had to kill the project. Even with PUBG's release people still ask me for the Escape files regularly. Wolf was kind enough to offer to integrate it into the current version of Exile and help with releasing it to the public as a thank you to our community for their continued support. I hope that clarifies things.
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    ok so I fixed the bugs: 1. EQP_anmDetector.sqf go to line 4 and add params [ "_anomaly", "_units"]; just above private["_detector", "_questItem"]; so it looks like this: params [ "_anomaly", "_units"]; private["_detector", "_questItem"]; 2. still in EQP_anmDetector.sqf go to line 7 and change _questItem = 'Exile_Item_TreasureMap'; to _questItem = 'Exile_Magazine_Battery'; (or some other item you want but take in account to change the same item in the file below) 3. EQP_quest.sqf line 27 change _questItem = 'Exile_Item_TreasureMap'; to _questItem = 'Exile_Magazine_Battery'; there is still a problem.. there's no reward, i'll see if I can fix that too edit: oh right.. nvm there's no problem just install http://www.exilemod.com/topic/7577-enigma-exile-update-respectpoptabs-180316/ edit2: dammit still didn't get the reward to work.. I just put some codelocks as reward in EQP_quest.sqf find where it says call _fnc taskComplited; and under it put this player addItem 'Exile_Item_CodeLock'; maybe put it multiple times for quest 2 and 3.. I also made a fork to the original github with all fixes, some changes to the dialogs and coords set for Namalsk https://github.com/jaxx0rr/EQP_Anomaly
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