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    Dear players, I would like to inform all of you that my time with Arma modding has come to an end. I feel that it is just fair to make a public statement to counter all the false rumors and urban myths that are around these days. You simply deserve that. However, I cannot speak for my friends Grim and Vishpala here, but I think they feel the same. There are many reasons why I am stepping back now. Where do I begin? Exile has been my first game modification ever and I have spent all my love into it for more than one and a half year exclusively. I simply need something else now. This is like eating pasta for more than a year. Pasta sure is great, but I think we all agree that after that long time, you will want to eat something else. I also just became a father this year and this little gnome needs my love more than everything else now. I have spent weeks of my private vacation time before his birth to finish version 1.0.0 and I simply do not have the time for that anymore. This truly is a life changer, but unfortunately, that is not it: Just hours after releasing the 1.0.2 update, I have suffered a stroke and ended up in the hospital. And the first message I have received in hospital: "Hey, your website was hacked and now shows swastikas!". Great. Thank you, I guess. Doctors say I might work and sit too much. I think I do. I work in another country and travel quite a lot. And sitting for about ten hours a day is definitely too much. I have also been working on Exile while sitting at the airports waiting for planes. To quote one of my favorite movies here: "I am too old for this shit!" (For you wondering, it is Lethal Weapon). I will now invest time in what really matters: Eichi Level 1. I am a developer by heart and it will always be my hobby. I will continue developing games in the little free time that I have left after my job and family, but it will not be related to Arma modding. I am simply too tired of restarting Arma over and over again just to tune a value in a config. I also cannot look at questionable error messages like "Error Type Number, Not a Number, Expected Number, Number" anymore. And as stated above, I simply do not have the time anymore to mess with things. I also remember that I once had a problem where infantry could walk through opened gates, but vehicles could not drive through. It took me three (god-damn) days to figure out something that was not documented to solve it. It just feels too unprofessional. On top of that, these days it is less frustrating (and sometimes easier) to create a new game from scratch than to modify an existing platform. Many mods are moving away from Arma as they have grown up, leaving little behind. Battle Royale turns into Battlegrounds, Altis Life turns into Identity, Breaking Point into a stand-alone and the talented 2017 guys have announced to do something with the Unreal Engine, too. The list continues. Modding is just too limited and failing to make your dreams come true is just frustrating in the long run. I am not teasing you (am I?), but the Unreal Engine is teasing me. But no, I am not planning to do an Exile stand-alone in case you ask. There is something else in my mind. We also never know what the next Arma update includes. The long awaited 2017 Mod , my favorite map called Taunus and even Namalsk were screwed by Arma updates and ended up in the trash bin. So it can turn out that months or even years of work turn into a big waste of time by the decisions of a third party you cannot influence. Some of you might remember my t-shirt saying "And then Arma updated". I have it for a reason. Bohemia Interactive seems to consider Arma 3 "done" and will deploy stabilization updates only. Let us hope the best for that. Maybe the shrubberies will be less lethal and walls might stop you from walking through them. In case an update goes wild and breaks things again, I am willing to invest time to solve arising issues, but I will surely need help here. I have experienced update problems that took weeks to solve. Some updates went without problems, but we never know. If you would like to help out on making Exile compatible with upcoming Arma versions or maybe even continue developing it, feel free to get in touch with us. I suggest that we arrange a meeting in Teamspeak (ts.exilemod.com) and discuss the details. Maybe already this weekend? It would be great to talk to everybody again! I will keep this forum, the XM8 app and all backend servers alive, so in the end, nothing will really change. It will just stay in the current state. Everyone who needs my support with developing a Community is King project will get my support. I will be there if you need me. Overall, I believe that Exile is a great project. I have met amazing people and it was much more successful than I ever would have expected. Some of you may remember the first Wordpress website we have had. Yepp, see how bad we were prepared for the storm. You completely rekt our servers From the bottom of my heart; Thank you! You rock! /Eichi
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    This update is different than any other update we've ever released. It includes a new game mode: Exile Escape. This is a completely option addition to Exile and doesn't change the core mod at all. I'll be writing a separate blog on how to setup and run an Exile Escape server. For now, let's talk about all the changes to Exile Mod itself. For a complete list of changes, the Changelog can be found here: 1.0.4 Pineapple We have added a few of the more popular add-on features directly into Exile. Many of you will think "this is pointless", let me assure you that is not the case. The mods that were readily available for these features were consistently being reported to us by server owners as "causing lag" or "not up to Exile standards". Therefore, we have added the following to Exile: SAFE HACKING We've added the ability for players to hack any safe. Players need to have a laptop in their inventory and then scroll wheeling on a safe will give you the option to hack it. The following are all configurable by the server owner: time it takes to hack the safe, chance the hacking will fail, chance that the laptop will be destroyed (removed from player's inventory), max hack attempts per restart on each safe, minimum number of players on the server needed to enable hacking, number of concurrent hacks, if the entire server is notified of the hack, and if the hacking location is marked on the map using this icon If the safe being hacked is inside a territory, the owners of the territory will receive an XM8 base raid notification if the server owner/player have enabled XM8 notifications. Server owners can find these config options in the mission file config.cpp under CfgHacking: LOCK GRINDING You can now grind base door locks. Players will need to have an Exile_Item_Grinder and Exile_Magazine_Battery in their inventory. Then you scroll wheel on the locked base door and you'll see the option to grind the lock. The following are all configurable by the server owner: time it takes to grind the lock, chance of the grinding failing, chance your grinder breaks (items is removed for player's inventory), and if the entire server is notified that a door grind is in progress The owners of the territory will receive an XM8 base raid notification if the server owner/player have enabled XM8 notifications. Server owners can find these config options in the mission file config.cpp under CfgGrinding: VIRTUAL GARAGE Most of you are familiar with various virtual garage systems. To use Exile's Virtual Garage, while in your territory you open you XM8 and click on the Virtual Garage icon. On the drop-down menu, select if you would like to Retrieve or Store a vehicle. If you select Store Vehicle, your nearby vehicles will be displayed on the list. Select the vehicle you would like to store, enter a Vehicle Nickname, and press the Store Vehicle button. If you select Retrieve Vehicle, your stored vehicles will be displayed on the list. Select the vehicle you would like to retrieve and press the Retrieve Vehicle button. Server owners can find the CfgVirtualGarage config in the mission config.cpp: *Note for server owners: This should work with vehicles currently stored in the database using ExAd's Virtual Garage script if you run the Exile 1.0.3-1.0.4 sql update query. XM8 APPS We've now made it even easier to add apps into the XM8. The only difference for players is that all the blank apps have been removed. Server owners will notice a few things have changed in the mission file. First, there is a new file called "RscDefines.hpp" in the root of the mission file. This file contains all the resource classes required by XM8 apps. Second, in the config.cpp there is a new class called CfgXM8, and fourteen new XM8 app button classes. If you would like to create a new XM8 app, we highly recommend using these classes as all the tedious work has been done for you. It is now fairly easy to create and XM8 app and doesn't require converting GUI editor exports to funky functions. To add a new XM8 app you need only to do the following: Adding the button Modify one of the 14 app buttons located in your mission config.cpp textureNoShortcut: The picture to be shown on this button. Can be mission side or client side text: The text to show on the button. This cannot be blank or the app will not show-up! onButtonClick: The code to run when the app is clicked. You can either open your GUI or run a function. (Like the "BOOM!" app) resource: The classname of the resource to be tied to this app. This can be blank if you do not have any GUI. (Like the "BOOM!" app) Resource Creation (Only necessary if you would like a GUI.) Go into Eden and open the GUI editor. Create the GUI you want, remembering that you have boundaries of the XM8. Use GUI_GRID as your grid position type. Give names to your elements and export the GUI as "Config (controls as class)" In the mission config.cpp, under the XM8_App buttons, you will see the other XM8 slides. Create a new slide, using one of the current ones as a template and paste the export into the controls class. Change the inheritance of the classes to use the XM8 resource classes if you would like. i.e. RscText ---> RscExileXM8Text Assign the appropriate IDCs to your classes, giving the Slide class a unique IDC. CfgXM8 Create a new class in CfgXM8, and give it a name Assign the controlID, the unique IDC tied to the slide class of your resource Identify which app this class belongs to by filling out the appID. This is just "App" with the number of the button. If you modified XM8_App05_Button, the appID would be "App05" Finally, add a title. This is what will appears at the top of the XM8 when it's opened. XM8_AppXX_Button If you haven't already, take the classname of your slide, and put it as the resource attribute Change the onButtonClick to use the slide function of the XM8. ['SLIDE_NAME', DIRECTION] call ExileClient_gui_xm8_slide; Just replace SLIDE_NAME with the name of your CfgXM8 class that you created above, and DIRECTION with the direction (either 0 for slide right, or 1 for slide left) TERRITORY RAID MODE Planting or detonating a breaching charge will now put the territory under attack for five minutes. During that time, players with build rights on that territory cannot do any of the following: Place constructions Remove constructions Move constructions Repair constructions Upgrade constructions Add a lock to constructions This tackles situations where raid victims go full panic mode and place tons of walls to make raiding impossible or where they remove walls to get sudden fire advantage. Server owners can change the time a territory is under attack in their mission config.cpp under CfgTerritories > constructionBlockDuration. Server owners who do not want to disallow the above while a territory is under attack can set the config value to 0. DYNAMIC SIMULATION After multiple Arma updates worth of testing, thanks to @MGTDB, we've decided to add Dynamic Simulation directly into Exile. We have not removed Exile's simulation monitor so the server owner can decide which one they would rather use. Server owners can enable/disable/configure dynamic simulation in the mission's config.cpp under CfgSimulation. By default, dynamic simulation is enabled and configured for a 60 player server. NEW CONSTRUCTION OBJECTS The following construction objects were created for Exile by @Andrew_S90. Concrete Drawbridge - Exile_Item_ConcreteDrawBridgeKit Concrete Floorport (Small) - Exile_Item_ConcreteFloorPortSmallKit Concrete Ladder Hatch - Exile_Item_ConcreteLadderHatchKit Metal Ladder - Exile_Item_MetalLadderKit Metal Ladder (Double Tall) - Exile_Item_MetalLadderDoubleKit Wooden Ladder Hatch - Exile_Item_WoodLadderHatchKit Safe (Small) - Exile_Item_SafeSmallKit, Exile_Container_Safe_Small Capacity = 175 PopTabs = 25,000 Old Chest - Exile_Item_OldChestKit, Exile_ Container_OldChest Capacity = 2500
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    ------------------------------------------------------- STRAY WOLVES STUDIO in association with KIWIBEAR presents: ExDayZ: Apocalypse - Survival Mod. ------------------------------------------------------- YOU WILL EATHER DIE SURVIVING OR LIVE LONG ENOUGH TO SEE YOURSELF BECOME THE VILLAIN!! ------------------------------------------------------- What is ExDayZ? A complete mission file/server replacement. A highly detailed and customized version of DayZ Mod/Standalone, DayZ Epoch/Origin, and EXILE bundled into one that focuses on performance and bringing back that hardcore survival sandbox. ExDayZ is a multiplayer online hardcore survival game set in a post-apocalyptic future. You will need to survive against Zombies, Bandit's and even mother nature herself. Features - Hardcore survival Persistent vehicle spawns ExDayZ spawns and maintains a defined amount of persistent vehicles, that spawn on roads. An in-depth medical system - Players can be knocked out when shot Players can bleed to death with proper credit given to the killer Players can apply aid to other players via scroll wheel actions Infections When players are wounded, they need to treat their wounds or risk being infected Persistent infection levels that increase/decrease effects Sickness No safe zones/Traders Completely reworked loot tables Respect levels - Themed levels Everything the player does is affected by his level Examples - players hunger and thirst deteriorate slower the higher level you are, you have a higher chance to find intel on corpses, self-healing rate is increased. Persistent world - The world in ExDayZ is persistent with seasons Players earn a wage, this is a small amount but can increase your level Dynamic Events - These do not have map markers Heli crashes Town bandits Vehicle drops Headhunters Performance Everything is done with performance in mind No additional server threads High FPS Simulation manager/custom cleanup Every AI spawned, every supply drop, object or mission-related event item is tied to my custom simulation manager for performance and cleanup. ------------------------------------------------------- Server Under Development! Mods List! Alpha v0.12 1# - CBA A3 (1.98 MB) 2# - Chernarus Redux (1.63GB) 3# - CUP Terrains Core (7.55GB) 4# - CUP Units (2.54GB) 5# - CUP Vehicles (4.82GB) 6# - Cup Weapons (1.94GB) 7# - DS Houses (185MB) 8# - Exile 1.0.3 (1.35GB) - TBA Exile 1.0.4 update 9# - SM Zombz (290MB) 10# - Extended Items Exile (668MB) 11# - Mozzie (7.72MB) 12# - NI Arms AllinOne (2.77GB) 13# - Ryans Zombies (27.7MB) 14# - Pook H13 Bell47 (122MB) 15# - RDS Civilian Pack (921MB) ------------------------------------------------------- Considering adding these mods below to kind of mimic DayZ Origins Mod where you could build custom vehicles! A# - CDAH Mod Pack (9.67MB) B# - Fox Survival Cars (235MB) Considering adding this mod below as it has temperature control clothing for the bad weather!! C# - TRYKs (657MB)
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    my old script is still laying around: https://github.com/bismarck100/XG-KillMessages
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    Please put your full .rpt file and the infiSTAR log files (all in a .zip) if possible and private message send it to me this is not normal
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    Updates look good. Is there any chance we'd see the ability to carry two primaries? The second in the launcher slot. Please, if there's a thread on this can someone point me to it? Thanks
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    Very true indeed, and the more help you receive the more help you wish to give i find, unfortunately you find very gifted people but with bad attitudes that like to show the world how great they are by stomping on the little guys.
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    I keep seeing post about new owners asking for help, and sometimes they get it. What I see most is veteran owners chastising them. I mean some of them do come across wrong asking for people to do it for them, however, I feel we should help them out. We were all there at one point.
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