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    Please check this, as it does exactly what you are looking for: ExileClient_System_Moon_Initialize.sqf
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    Hey guys, you wanted it, I deliver it The Mosquito Series Steam Workshop Link Update 0.3 07.08.2018 Update 18.04.2018 Update 17.04.2018 Update 16.04.2018 Update 15.04.2018 It starts with the Mk I version. Specs. No payload max speed 90km/h fuelcapacity 35L Since it's a beta, I want to report bugs and issues in my discord so I can fix them. https://discord.gg/JaT8Ufj
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    I think we’re done here.
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    Because that map is ass. It's South Zegora yakno and no one downloaded it. Mike has sent you here to upload this trash "fix" using a WHILE loop. You triggered enough people to get @Eichi to come out of hibernation just to tell you... "we already do that". Imagine you aren't running Exile with that Map.... the nights would be even darker. Did you even read your own question? The map makes it EVEN darker by default for "That DayZ feel" by using filters. Also probably in a While True loop. It's obviously down to the map. Trash Map. Trash Dev. While {true} do {insult mike}; << Only While loop i'd ever use!
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    All we are adding to that file is an extra check for a player being inside a vehicle so they can use the Exile hotkey to lock and unlock objects. if (_keyCode in (actionKeys "User1")) exitWith { if (vehicle player != player) then { if !(ExileClientIsHandcuffed) then { call Exile_fnc_vehicle_interaction_keyLock; }; }else{ if !(ExileClientIsHandcuffed) then { call ExileClient_object_vehicle_interaction_keyLock; }; }; true };
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    @Riker2335 Thanks! I am uploading it now to my server and going to give it a test drive. That script is great! Thanks again @Riker2335 for the reply!!
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    Since I moved onto a new map. I figured I would send this out to the public on whoever wanted it. I will not be providing support for the map any longer. So if you decide to run with it, your on your own. Just about everything is there for ya to run on a dedicated server. Enjoy https://github.com/Falcon911/Exile-Militarized
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    Exile, by default is brighter at night anyway. While true loops are trash. Close this thread pls.
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    Or just set your server date to a full moon and moderate overcast. You can check which dates are full moon in the editor. Simples. Also, while true loops are absolutely janky as hell for performance.
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    You've used exploits. You were caught. You are not getting unbanned. Next time don't annoy people on the Exilemod forums with your problems. You can not appeal that ban a second time, it is permanent and will stay. Especially after reading your posts on here.
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    I have been contemplating creating my own server for a while now but have never been in the back-end of an arma server. I have created and administrated many Runescape and Minecraft servers which offers some experience but obviously Arma is a completely different beast with its own multitude of issues. There is no obligation for the person who helps me to pay for anything unless they wish to pitch in, but as it stands now Im prepared to pay for everything. I have an idea for how I wish the server to be setup just need someone with the know-how to help get there. i am completely willing to take input on how the server should be ran and what should be integrated as well. The idea I have is nothing set in stone only one of many ideas. If you have any questions or wanna talk about joining me in this endeavor add me on discord and send me a message. Username: Jokerlolz#4696
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    Looks like getting the script version working of VCOM v3 is really simple. https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/216611-release-vcom-ai-3-dangerous-ai/ download the script version. Drop VCOM folder and userconfig folder into your mission pbo. Add [] execVM "Vcom\VcomInit.sqf"; into your init.sqf Add #include "vcom\cfgFunctions.hpp" into the class CfgFunctions in the description.ext. I havnt seen any errors and it seems to be working fine. Probably will need more testing but all seems to be good. Also you'll need to revert any changes made from the older version install of vcom.
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    ExileClient_gui_escape_abort.sqf Change _abortTime = diag_tickTime + 10; To _abortTime = diag_tickTime;
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