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    This is merely a rework on what @SLB2k11 has done I just expanded on it. R3F Logistics is a towing, lifting, and container moving mod that can be used on any type of server. This version is modified for Exile (obviously). Follow the normal installation guide from the link below. I did include my own Battle Eye filters, but all you need is to find the R3F lines in the script.txt and apply them to your own. Also, I do use CUP Vehicles so if you don't make sure to comment out the line in the config.sqf. Again this is not my mod/script. I had a hard time finding and adding all of the vehicles for Exile and figured I would share my work. Update: I have added lifting for helicopters to support the release of my AI ships. You may disable this if you desire. What's enabled : 1. All vehicles can be towed. 2. All vehicles other than cars can tow. 3. Quads, Bikes, Karts, and Rubber boats can be loading into vehicles. (These items can not hold crates or other vehicles) 4. Boats can tow Subs (SDV). 5. All crates can be loaded in vehicles (not cars). 6. Boats can be towed by vehicles (not cars). 7. Water crates can be picked up for storing (no SDV requirement). 8. All aircraft can store crates and every item listed in #3. 9. *NEW* All helicopters can now lift vehicles and tanks. You can customize these values just follow the instructions guide it will tell you how. I will list vehicles from other mods as I get to it. If you need help on adding another mods vehicles into R3F just let me know. Read the instructions carefully. You will notice that there are actually no lines that specifically say "Exile_Car_xxxx". This is because I used the higherarchy system to cover all of a specific vehicle. For example the "Exile_Car_Offroad_Repair_Red" is automatically included when you add "Offroad_01_repair_base_F". The latter line will include all Offroad vehicles without having to add each variant of the vehicle line by line. A note on the trucks for Exile: I didn't bother to add each truck individually so all the trucks are included in the line "Truck_F" this includes the HEMMT and Zamak. I will break the trucks down further in the future. DOWNLOAD Other Links: R3F Logistics Main Post Instructions Guide Server Owner Guide v1.1
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    are those FPS drops gone with this fix too? they are the reason why i kicked VCOM from my server :-/
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    Updated: Allow territories with stolen flag to be abandoned with no flag refund https://github.com/MGTDB/Exile_Abandon_Territory
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