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    This adds the ability to lock and unlock vehicles from the inside with either scroll wheel functions or the Exile default hot key to lock and unlock objects. Installation Instruction Step 1: Open your initPlayerLocal.sqf and paste the following into it (There is an example initPlayerLocal.sqf you can use to copy from) [] execVM "Custom\Actions\fnc_showActions.sqf"; Step 2: In your mission root open config.sqf and find class CfgExileCustomCode and insert the below //Custom keys ExileClient_gui_hud_event_onKeyUp = "Custom\overwrites\ExileClient_gui_hud_event_onKeyUp.sqf"; For Example: class CfgExileCustomCode { //Custom keys ExileClient_gui_hud_event_onKeyUp = "Custom\overwrites\ExileClient_gui_hud_event_onKeyUp.sqf"; }; Step 3: Edit your description.exe and add the following class CfgFunctions { #include "Custom\CfgFunctions.cpp" }; Step 4: Place the Custom folder into your mission folder That's it Enjoy! Download **EDIT TO CODE** If you are looking for a way to force unlock the vehicle when the driver is killed, then you can use the following edit to do so. Step 1: Open fnc_showAction.sqf located in the Actions folder. Step 2: Make the following changes below. The original is posted above for comparison. And you're done.
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    Here for everyone who go the same Problem with the doors in DMS missions. I may happen, that they wont open. Pretty easy fix: in the DMS folder find the folder "scripts" and open: fn_ImportFromM3E change in line 54 from _obj enableSimulationGlobal false; to _obj enableSimulationGlobal true; Thanks to Dean Winchester who told me about that fix
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    bro what is with it with you going around and commenting on 2-3 year old threads. This app is widely outdated.
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    well if you understood it, then you would mayby understand why it is the way it is. i understand your frustration though. unfortunatley there isnt a way around it no
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    It is my understanding that that what @Z80CPU said was the answer to your question. He said that the "swing" is an "ammo" and that sometimes you have to drop it and pick it up as you did to get the swing option. As for modifying it so that you are given the Swing" ammo in your inventory if that is what you are doing I havnt seen that here before. Also see those links he shared to mayby get a better understanding
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    I want to say it is designed to do that. Every server I have been on including mine it behaves that way. I actually like that.
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    Ok, you didn’t really respond to anything I said. So far you’ve detailed exactly what every other server does. Best of luck.
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    LoneVirtualGarage from @StokesMagee It is a paid script from: https://stokesmagee.net/ It is not publicly sold, so you donate $10 and just hop in discord: https://discord.gg/M7WMUeR to receive the files from him.
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    25-35 FPS is low for 2 player, 275 AI +zombies is why
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    I have 2 players on right now. anywhere from 25-35 FPS (it jumps around) Object count currently is: 4478 Not sure if those are good, bad or standard numbers. Most players I've had on at any one time was 5 so far and those were roughly the same number. I am running A.I and Zombies. A.I max count is 275
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    If you want a server to be good, rent a dedicated server and go from there. No GSP can offer the performance a dedicated server can do. With regards to your server being "totally unique", I'm curious as to how you'll achieve that without entirely custom content. I'm not being condescending, I am genuinely curious as "unique", "next best thing", "nothing else like this before", happens about once a week here somewhere and generally ends up being Exile, DMS Missions, a roaming AI system, and ZCP Capture Points. And DayZ homage servers end up being nothing but Exile on Chernarus. To achieve something like Tarkov meets DayZ will require an inordinate level of custom scripting.
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    infiSTAR has their own forums and Discord.
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    I know this is from back in August but I want to post it anyhow. Maybe its still an issue maybe it's not. Maybe another server owner needs to do the same. Many thanks to Magan from the Exile Official Discord in the support channel for helping with this when I posted the same question. Anyhow below is the fix. Find the file ExileServer_system_trading_network_sellItemRequest.sqf That file is in your exile_server.pbo. Once you find it do a search for "_noRespectItems When you find that look for _noRespectItems = [ "Exile_Item_FlagStolen1", "Exile_Item_FlagStolen2", "Exile_Item_FlagStolen3", "Exile_Item_FlagStolen4", "Exile_Item_FlagStolen5", "Exile_Item_FlagStolen6", "Exile_Item_FlagStolen7", "Exile_Item_FlagStolen8", "Exile_Item_FlagStolen9", "Exile_Item_FlagStolen10", "gold_bar_classname", "silver_bar_classname" ]; If you use @Extended Survival Pack the class names for silver and gold bars are "DDR_Item_Silver_Bar" and "DDR_Item_Gold_Bar" Anyhow you would put whatever class name in between the [ ] with commas in between for what you want to sell for zero respect. Remember the last item in the list will end with NO comma.
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    Been a while... But here is a very simple addition. What this does is give the admins an easy way to remove trees/bushes etc from a players territory without having to modify an SQF file and upload their mission again, as it's all handled at the database level. All you have to do is edit the record for any territory and change the last field [notrees] (to be added below) to a number other than 0. Setting this number to 1, will clear all trees/bushes etc to the radius the territory is currently set for. Any number higher than 1, will clear all trees/bushes etc to that range in meters. Easy.. Installation 1st - SQL additions to the territory table. ALTER TABLE `territory` ADD `notrees` tinyint NOT NULL DEFAULT '0'; 2nd - Override/Overwrite [won't explain how that's done, hopefully you know how that works by now.] ExileServer_system_territory_database_load.sqf 3rd - Exile.ini change. [Find the following section and replace it completely with one given below] That's all, by default the notrees will all be set to 0, if a player wants to clear out trees/bushes just set it to a number other than 0 as described above. A few benefits to doing things this way.. 1st, should a base be removed or deleted, the trees are put back automatically, 2nd, should you not want players to put flags inside of trees? just set the default value in the SQL to 2, and now no flags in trees.
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    And some people aren't arrogant Only Joking
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    Time is money i have Lots of Money!! And Little Time ..80-90 hr work week in the Oil And Gas dose not leave a lot of time to Mod Up And Rip Server Apart, Need Help With Infistar ps If You Hurry I May Spend More Money On Your Apps....Choop Choop!!!! Money is every thing .Thanks DS.
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