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    I currently have it mostly working, just need to do a few more tweaks and if I manage to get it seemless I'll happily share with y'all. Need to get the Zombies from Ravage to deal damage as it currently stands they can wack you all day and nothing happens... Then also need to get the FAK working as it auto changes FAK to "Bandages (basic)" and they are not usable lol. a few other tiny details but that is the majority of it.
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    @Super Jerome thanks for all your efforts, hope you still hang around the exile forums.
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    edited the initial post and added a link to your one
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    I ended up just copying Exiles default It, unfortunately, doesn't do flares nor does it do Manual Fire so your functionality is better than mine. But I mean hey its simple lol. It could probably end up being less code than it is. But hey what can ya do lol. https://pastebin.com/YY57MG8Z
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    You're not loading the required mods.
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    Happy new year from brisbane, australia
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    I think we’re done here. Locked.
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    @Z80CPU Firstly, I am not reading all of that. Secondly go drink a beer and take a chill pill. Happy New Year and you need to accept you are not always right.
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    Hello @Kitty, If I remember correctly, most likely, in the mission config.cpp file, you have an option to store or not to store items in the vehicle (under the other VG options). If not there, then it is in the server config.cpp file. It is there in one of them...
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    I went ahead and tracked down all the class names for VSM All-In-One Collection. I never found any shared online. I hope this helps anyone using this mod and saves someone some time. Here's the TraderCategories And here's the ItemList..
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    Updated main topic, no longer can work on Exile mods.
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